Wednesday, March 31, 2010

South Rim, Big Bend Day 8 part 2

Howdee all,

We made it to South Rim and Awesome views..a bit hazy, but still very nice.  pano 2We rested for a bit at the top and had lunch South rim hike,Big bend_029

All the while breathing in the views..South rim hike,Big bend_030 and fresh air..

South rim hike,Big bend_032  We were not alone, this fella, Rufous-crowned sparrow?, was foraging around the rim..guess it was not afraid of heights.South rim hike Big bend

We headed back down and took Boot Canyon to the Pinnacle trail

Still looking and listening for the Colima warbler.South rim hike,Big bend_050We did see two deer, who didn't seem bothered by our presence. South rim hike,Big bend_055 Allot of the wooded walk down reminded me of woodland walks in CT.South rim hike,Big bend_057 Except for views like this..

The BootSouth rim hike,Big bend_059I dedicate these Boot photos to my Boot Lovin Twitter friends  South rim hike,Big bend_061  You know who you are..South rim hike,Big bend_060  Goodbye Boot!South rim hike,Big bend_069The hike down was a bit tough on the knees.. South rim hike,Big bend_077   though, mine didn't complain until the day after..

South rim hike,Big bend_079   Getting closer…we are headed to the valley below, at this point I am dreaming of a cold drink at the Lodge.South rim hike,Big bend_086 Views of Casa GrandeSouth rim hike,Big bend_087   We are almost there…I am ready to put my feet toes need stretching..South rim hike,Big bend_090 South rim was a long hike..but not as difficult as i was expecting. I think that is because we went up the gradual incline of Laguna meadows instead of starting via the Pinnacles trail.

We didn't see the Colima was too early and we knew that.

There is always another time..

South rim hike,Big bend_101 I know we will be back for a longer visit next time..South rim hike,Big bend_102

Because ..

I ♥ Big Bend

Birds of the Day

Common raven,Scaled quail,Turkey Vulture,Junco,Mexican jay,Painted redstart
White throated swift, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Robin,Red tail hawk,Northern harrier
Black crested titmouse, Bewick,rock and canyon wrens,White breasted nuthatch
Blue gray gnatcatcher,Mocking bird,Canyon and spotted towhee,White wing dove


We have left Big Bend.. the Migrating birds have been calling to Jeff..

We are headed to the Lower Rio Grande Valley and Padre Island area..its our first time in the area, so if you have favorite spots, dining, birding, camping, let me know. Thanks..


  1. I would be 11 years ago when I made this trip with some friends in Grad School. We did it in June. Saw the Colima and as sometimes happens, their call got a little old when we were trying to locate different birds in the area. We took the trail the opposite way, figuring that birding was better in the morning in the forested side. The problem w/ the Pinnacle side in June is that it was HOT in the afternoon. And as you can attest, no matter how much water you bring along (and we pack as much as we could comfortably carry) its never enough for that last mile or so.
    Absolute best birding hike I've ever done. Hope to make it there again with the family. But with a 2 and 6 year old, I do not have patience or the shoulders to drag around.
    BTW: I think your Sparrow? may have been a Brown Towhee. I have it marked from my trip there as a sighting.

  2. What a beautiful hike,,, Sorry you didn't see your bird that you wanted BUT all that you did see was magnificient... Have a great day and BTW your pictures as always were awesome...
    Travel Safe

  3. i am now addicted to read your post
    love it especially the sun-set

  4. Beautiful scenery Dawn, breath taking.

  5. Hi Dawn, your "sparrow" is a green-tailed towhee. See the rufous cap, the white throat and the geen in the wings and tail. What a gorgeous hike! What beautiful scenery. Love the boot and the vistas and the sunsets! Love it all! Great post and congrats on all the birds you DID see!

  6. Howdee Birdwatchers...
    Thanks everyone for your very nice comments..
    Jeff and I dont think the bird is either a Brown towhee,canyon towhee or green Towhee..although it was kicking around on the ground like a towhee..
    It was smaller in size..more sparrow like..
    I have more photos to go thru..

    Thanks everyone for your input..will report back if we have a positive ID

  7. Howdee all,
    so far the bird has been given the ID of a rufous crowned sparrow..

    Albert..I love the hike the way we did it for ease...great birding as you say..a wonderful hike.


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