Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Bend Ranch State Park Day 6 part 1

Howdee all,

March 24

Jeff and I took a long drive from Terlingua to Big Bend Ranch State park for three recommended hikes.

Big Bend Ranch State park_002The drive followed the Rio Grande River

Mexico on the left..

Big Bend Ranch State park_005

  Texas on this side

Big Bend Ranch State park_007

We drove 40 miles on a paved road to the exit for two of the hikes..

from there we traveled way to many miles ( 15) on a dirt road to our first hike

Big Bend Ranch State park_014Ojito Adentro

1.4 miles round trip


The trail meanders thru desert scrubBig Bend Ranch State park_017 and continues to a grove of Cottonwoods and Bofecillos creek

the trail winds around boulders and ends at the spring ..

When we first entered I heard what seemed like the distant hum of a freeway..

I looked above me in the willows..hundreds of bees…they looked like honeybees..

    Big Bend Ranch State park_031at the end of the trail, a water tankBig Bend Ranch State park_023Dripping with ferns and water… Big Bend Ranch State park_026

We lingered here a bit..listening for birds

on the way back to the car

Another cactus in bloom…

Big Bend Ranch State park_060Big Bend Ranch State park_038   Big Bend Ranch State park_054  It was a beautiful day…

The temperature was in the high 7osBig Bend Ranch State park_043We drove 10 miles on the dirt road to our next hike Big Bend Ranch State park_044

Cinco Tinajas

Length I mile

Difficulty..easy to moderate

The trail begins in desert scrubBig Bend Ranch State park_046

I dont know what the gray scrub is..I really liked the color in this photo..Big Bend Ranch State park_047

Lupines in bloom (Bluebonnets)

Big Bend Ranch State park_051 The trail gains a bit in elevation and overlooks the Tinajas or Tanks.

Big Bend Ranch State park_069

We then followed the trail down into the wash..

Big Bend Ranch State park_070

following the washBig Bend Ranch State park_072Thru some rocky areas..

Big Bend Ranch State park_075

To the TinajasBig Bend Ranch State park_076

This is a view of the shallow end on the south sideBig Bend Ranch State park_077

On the north side..deep tanks

Big Bend Ranch State park_081

It it was warmer I might think of taking a swim here..

The pools looked about four feet deep.

Big Bend Ranch State park_087  Jeff and I took another trail out of the tank area…we followed the washBig Bend Ranch State park_091past algae filled pools.. Big Bend Ranch State park_092    And more Texas bluebonnets..

Big Bend Ranch State park_094

Stay tuned for

Day 6 part 2

Closed Canyon


  1. Y'all been busy lately :)
    wonderful spot, i love the ferns in the overhang and the flowers. Safe journeys


  2. Wow! Looks like you found paradise.... Happy Weekend, Dawn!

  3. More and more great images! These are some really enjoyable posts.

  4. What a nice treat to see the scenery of New Mexico. We did some white water rafting on the Rio Grande once as a side trip while snow skiing at Taos. These photso bring back a few memories.

  5. Oh the color in these photos! It is so drab and ugly here in PA right now - your pictures give me something to hope for! Beautiful!
    Dawn, if you have time could you email me? I have a few questions that you might be able to help me with. Thanks! - Barb

  6. It sure is pretty there Dawn!

  7. forestal
    you are right..we were sooo busy in Big Bend..I need a vacation from my vacation...
    But now we are doing all day Birding..will need to sleep for a month after this..

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    Hey there you two..Yes it sure was a lovely place..
    We are now in padre Island.TX..looking for some migrating birdies..

    Aww..thanks..So glad you have been enjoying these posts.

    Tim Rucci
    Glad you are enjoying the photos of Big Bend.

    Bird Girl
    so glad i could give you something to brighten up your drap pa day..but i suppose things have changed by now and you are seeing lots of blooms.

    Thanks Ruthie..
    real purdie for sure!!

  8. Once again, one of my favorite places!

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