Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sign my Guestbook...pleeeassee

Howdy to all you reading this...

If you haven't already signed my guestbook at the bottom of the page....please do...You can sign it with your picture...or any kind of porn...ha.....
You can even sign it with a video.
I have 22 signatures already...thank you all for signing..

OK I am waiting....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Glass and Gems

Howdy all,

After reading my blog about the Tucson Gem show...Mom, Adele and Tammy wanted me too pick up some jewels for them....
Mom and Adele wanted the 2 dollar glass pendants...20 dollars worth each.
Tammy makes jewelry so she requested 40 dollars of beads.
The links below go to your gems...
Sorry the gem show is now no more requests...

Moms Glass Pendants

Tammys Beads

Adeles Glass

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunset at Catalina

Howdy all,

After a morning and afternoon of appointments for Lena. We came home and enjoyed a wonderful sunset. Jeff is still sitting outside with ballie and nobbie at seven and watching the stars. I am watching stars to be... American Idol...and chatting with mom and adele.
see ya..

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tucson Gem Show

Howdee all,

Today we went to the Gem show, well we only went to a few tents of gems.
The Gem show is huge....all over Tucson, tents tents and more tents of gems, rocks, sculpture, jewlery etc....
Lena wants to make a few necklaces and it will also be good therapy for her right hand.
It was great fun looking at all the gems.
The show goes on for most of the month so we plan on going back several times.
So far I havent purchased anything.
Lena found most of the gems for her necklaces.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Country Coach Allure ...I want it....

Howdy all,
Yesterday Jeff and I went to with some Friends to Beaudry RV for their free BBQ day.
While there i saw this new Motorhome...

OH My....I love this new floorplan...they have put the kitchen as you enter the coach......this is a five foot longer coach than we have..and of course lots of xtra dollars...but i love the set up... the 52 inch tv in the living room. WOW
The bath in the back is nice...I could do without the two is fine...
I would put a desk where the passenger side sofa is.
A king size bed is available in this one...
dont love the color schemes...but i could find something if i had to...tee hee

i want this one....

Monday, February 04, 2008

Who is from Paoli, Penn?

Howdy all,

I know most of you visiting my blog and where you are from...
but the last three weeks or so I have noticed someone from Paoli, Penn. visiting my blog.
Hi....Do I know you?
Are you a long lost relative or friend?

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Superbowl Sunday,

We are in tucson and will watch the game with a few other couples at steve and lenas.

I am not a big football fan...well, I hardly watch the game at all, unless its this time of year and Jeff is watching the game.
Jeff is making squares for us all to bet on the game, and he says he is wearing his LUCKY underwear. He will also have his LUCKY rice crackers on hand. One shape for defense, one shape for offence...etc etc...
I will watch the game and hope to win some money....
Check out the cute butts....and I guess get into the game as best as I can.

So that said...whats Cooking?? what will you be eating today?

We are having a very early dinner, so we devote all our time and energy to the game.
So at two thirty our time we will have
Stuffed shells, green beans and Salad.
Desert will be a Superbowl Sundae. Vanilla icecream and choice of caramel, hot fudge, nuts and whip cream.
And all the normal snacky foods...chips, salsa, hummus, cheese, crackers.

Its going to be a high calorie day...
might have a beer or some wine.

What are you doing? What are you eating?
A you watching the game?
Who are you routing for?
Do You even care?

pass the chips....

Friday, February 01, 2008

Firefox problem resolves itself

ok by some magic...
I finally am able to see my blogger page in firefox..
I have no clue what happened...
but i am a happy camper

thanks cyberspace angels...

ok still waiting for input on slideshows....


Help..cant see my blog in firefox and do I have to many slide shows??

Howdy all,
I went on my blog this am and could not see in with firefox...I can see it in explorer, Jeff can see it using his computer and firefox...but i could not..
I was able to see others blogs with my firefox...but not my own...
any ideas out there?????
I try to load the page and firefox and it says done at the bottom...but nothing but white loads up on the page....HELP
I am using internet explorer to edit my blog....well at least I can see it and edit it in explorer. now sitting at a coffee shop, waiting for lena to finish her therapy appt.
OK...Do I have too many slide shows?? I have just been playing around with they make the page load to slowly.. which ones do you like?
which ones do u not like?
I am waiting......