Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Driving around…birding

Howdee all,

Today Jeff and I headed out for a drive after early morning rains.

It was late afternoon before we headed out.

We decided to travel a few miles down Flux canyon road..

The rain made the washes flow over the road.flux canyon, pina blanca lake_001 We didn't see that many birds..

flux canyon, pina blanca lake_003 We decided not to go into the canyon because of the wet dirt roads..

They become very slippery when wet…

We decided to head to the Rest stop birding area..Famous for the Rose-throated Becard.

We knew it was too early for the Becard…we just wanted to see how birdie it would be…and it wasn't that birdie…Black Phoebe, Ruby-crowned kinglet and a few Yellow rumps.

flux canyon, pina blanca lake_017   We then headed to Pena Blanca Lake

flux canyon, pina blanca lake_061   One of the roads to the lake was closed..more waterflux canyon, pina blanca lake_071

The lake beautiful, though muddyflux canyon, pina blanca lake_032       We saw no ducks..no birds on the lake…flux canyon, pina blanca lake_028There were large flocks of chipping sparrowsflux canyon, pina blanca lake_029This looks like blueberry..but I have never seen blueberry growing in Arizonaflux canyon, pina blanca lake_047Not very birdie here either,

A few Rufous-winged sparrows, Black Phoebe, Gila Woodpecker, Flicker, Ruby-crowned kinglet and Meadowlarks…

  Views of the Lake heading toward the dam flux canyon, pina blanca lake_054      We decided to drive a bit further westflux canyon, pina blanca lake_068

down one of the canyon roads

flux canyon, pina blanca lake_074

The road was muddy so we didn't go much furtherflux canyon, pina blanca lake_089             The sun was starting to set, lighting up the rocks                   flux canyon, pina blanca lake_085   We then drove east, heading back to Patagoniaflux canyon, pina blanca lake_092Catching the sunset lighting up the eastern skyflux canyon, pina blanca lake_100A hillside lights up…flux canyon, pina blanca lake_097

The clouds turn pink

What a beautiful evening…..flux canyon, pina blanca lake_106

Its has turned a bit chilly the past two days, in the mid 50s, compared to 70s just a few days ago.

I hope the migrating birds decide to head north despite the chilly weather here.

So far Patagonia lake seems the birdiest area around.

Tomorrow we might check out Arivaca area.


  1. Oh Dawn... the light in those photos makes me swoon! Love it girl!

  2. What breathtaking sceneries and gorgeous lights you caught there!
    Glad you made it past the floods!

  3. Great pics! And I love those old national forest signs like the one you pictured; they're from a time so different from now, with that old fashioned Disney-esque cursive writing and all. I love them!

  4. Dawn, what gorgeous photos of the sunset! We saw lots of chipping sparrows when we were at Pena Blanca Lake also. The lake was dry until recently. They drained it to dredge out all the mine tailings that had seeped into it and polluted the lake botttom. They thought it would take 10 years to refill but with these recent rains it filled up in less than 1 year! We did not see any ducks on the lake when we were there either. Still, it is a pretty place. Hopefully the ducks will come back soon.

  5. Hi Dawn - you surely take the best scenery picture with the most interesting skies! Just beautiful - you make great pictures with or without birds!

  6. Awww..thanks everyone for your very nice comments!
    This is truly a beautiful area..and I am hoping like Kathie that the ducks come back..lots of water now.

    Jeff and I are now on our way to big bend..and i have to apologize for being busy and not keeping up with my blog reading..
    It will get worse..Big Bend has no cell phone or internet..

    Will I survive?
    stay tuned..


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