Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bass Hole Boardwalk

Howdee all,

Jeff and I took a trip to Bass Hole boardwalk at Grays beach, Yarmouth with his Mom yesterday.

She remembered walking on the pier and wanted us to see it.

A look below of part of the beach at low tide.

There is a small sandy beach I didn’t get a photo of.

Basshole beach_019We walked the boardwalk over the marsh.

Basshole beach_006Stopping to view the Osprey nest.

We were told there were three young in the nest. We saw two.

Basshole beach_022

The marsh..

Basshole beach_011Patterns at low tide..

Basshole beach_012

Jeff and his mother checking out the crabs..

Basshole beach_018


Basshole beach_004Distant views of a Willet..

Basshole beach_015View out into the bay..

Basshole beach_002

A nice stroll

Basshole beach_020

We walked back to the beginning of the boardwalk across from the boat dock…

Basshole beach_027

We sat on the benches for a while watching the Osprey and young..

A nice area to relax and enjoy the scene.

Basshole beach_024Basshole beach_026

I would come here again to catch the sunset…nice westerly views.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A year passes....

Howdee all,

It's been a year...

I miss him.

I Don't have the words...

Just pictures..

He's with his brother Nobbie now

they must be having fun...


Black Monster

Monster Ball



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cape Clamming

Howdee all,

Jeff and I have just a bit over a week here on Cape Cod.

We are trying to fit in as much as we can.

Besides our morning walks, I spend some time sitting on the beach.

Lighthouse beach..

cape cod_019

A few days ago we went with Jeff's sister and her family to watch them clam..

There they are..way out there..

cape cod_021


cape cod_024Teamwork

Rakes with scoops are used to dig..

cape cod_025Sandy likes digging with his hands

cape cod_027Dinner in a bucket..

These will be steamed and served in a Tomato Broth..

cape cod_031See the clam being passed?

cape cod_052Another family clamming..

cape cod_064Fun times..

cape cod_084

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cape Cod walks

Howdee all,

Jeff and I are enjoying our stay in Cape Cod

Most every morning we go for a 4.8 mile walk around Chatham.

Below is a peek at my nephew Matthew..he's working this summer at The Chatham Bars Inn.

Hi Matthew :)

No shortage of Hydrangea here...

No shortage of roses either....

Always a lovely walk...


I don't bring my binoculars on this walk, but I do look for birds.
flowers everywhere

Makes for a beautiful walk

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here we are..

Howdee all,

Jeff and I decided to spend ten days on Cape Cod with Jeff's family....

So here we are..

Salt water, sand

cape cod_006

and plenty of …

cape cod_008Hydrangeas

cape cod_010

From here we head to Ct for the month of July..

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Bino Suspender by SWAROVSKI OPTIK

Howdee all,

I want to tell you all about these new Swarovski Bino Suspenders.

 I absolutely love them!

They are extremely comfortable and easy to set up. Check out the video below.



Besides being comfortable in the field.

What I think is most awesome about these new Suspenders is the quick release.

Have you ever been birding with someone without binoculars and see a bird or anything for that matter that you would like to share with the other person?

If you have then you know how annoying it is to take off the suspenders, especially if you are also carrying a backpack or wearing a coat over the harness.

The quick release locks are wonderful!

swaro harness_006In just a few seconds the bins are released..

(notice my ABA stickers?)

swaro harness_007And you can share your Binoculars

swaro harness_008



Check out Swarovski Optics website.


Your binoculars are always close to hand thanks to a comfortable solution: The redesigned Bino Suspender takes the strain off the neck area by distributing the weight across the upper body. Your binoculars remain stable, do not swing, and can be removed instantly. Weighing just 110 g, it is extremely light, ergonomic and individually adjustable in size.

takes strain off the neck area with a light weight of just 110 g individually adjustable in size

stabilizes your binoculars easy to detach and reattach


Eagle Optics is now carrying them. To be sure ask for the quick release harness.

I don’t know if any other company is offering this type of harness…this is the first I have seen.


Buy this item…You will not regret it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

House Wren and stuff..

Howdee all,

On Fathers Day this little House Wren was starting to make this house its home..

fathers day_095My sister said this was a previous House Sparrows home.

The House Wren decided it was its home now and started removing some of the nesting material.

fathers day_097It was in and out all day..

fathers day_105

Singing as it went about is business.

fathers day_100

Hope to get some updates from Sicksta Lori.

Lambs ears growing is Sickstas Garden..look how fuzzy and soft the leaves are.

fathers day_126

I have been so busy with family and friends here… not much time for internet.

Well, compared to how much I like to be on….I can spend at least four hours a day reading blogs, facebook and twitter.

Lately I am lucky if I get an hour on the internet.

This has been a real bummer for me, but I am dealing with it..

Sort of… Sad smile