Thursday, April 01, 2010

Big Bend Ranch State Park, Crystal trail

Howdee all,

March 28

While at the RV campground Social and Pot-luck dinner a fellow Rver told us of a trail that led to a hill of sparkling crystals.

We were intrigued and decided to see if he was exaggerating or not..

Big Bend Ranch State Park

East Main trail to the Crystal trail

Round trip-approx, 8 miles

Difficulty- easy


The trail follows a dirt road..

Crystal trail_001

Past what used to be an old Candillia Wax processing plant.

The wax was used to waterproof canvas and ammunition.

A by product is also used in lip balm and chewing gum.

After the main wax making company closed in the 1920s displaced workers made temporary wax camps in this area.

Crystal trail_080 Remember this plant from a past post..i was wondering what it was

CandelillaErnst Tenaja_017   The name candelilla (cahn-de-Lee-uh) meaning “little candle” in Spanish, comes from the slender was-covered stems. The waxy coating seals in the moisture that is  vital to the desert surivial.Crystal trail_112

Jeff and I didn't have much time to linger here, we had to be back to the RV at 5.

We continued on.Crystal trail_084

I was looking around for any sign of crystals..I do see a few here and there..

Finally we reach the cut-off to Crystal trail..Crystal trail_065

I find an embankment..with assorted crystals

but nothing like the Rver described

Crystal trail_067

We continued on..I wanted to explore the areas around ..hoping not to miss the hill he had told us about..but Jeff felt it best to continue on.

I went off trail again,looking for the hill, Jeff continued on the path..

i found areas that had a few crystals scattered about..

Do you see the one below?

 Crystal trail_102

Still not in the right area..or this was just an exaggeration…

I start to see a few more..

Crystal trail_107Crystal trail_077  Still no hill of crystals…I was beginning to think this place didn't exist ..until…..

Jeff shouted for me …

and then..I saw it… 

I was on the opposite side of the hill…above the path..

Crystal trail_018The picture below is looking from below the hill…the grayish blue color is all crystal.

The photos don't do it justice. Crystal trail_033Crystal trail_033A path of crystals…Crystal trail_020    Crystals everywhere..Crystal trail_013   and as I look around its only this hill that is loaded with them..      Crystal trail_022 Crystal trail_023  I just walked around..and picked up a few to admire…Crystal trail_027I thought it was so amazing…   Crystal trail_030     I imagine the crystals were imbedded in sandstone..Crystal trail_035  and when the sandstone was worn away..all that was left

were the crystals…

Crystal trail_037  We had at least four miles to hike out..

So we headed back…happy that we saw this very cool site.

Crystal trail_063Hope you enjoyed the Crystal Hill…

If you are ever in the is well worth the eight mile RT to see it!

Crystal trail_058


  1. Very cool--"The Quest for Hill of Crystals"--sounds like it should be a science-fiction novel! The flower at the end caps off the story beautifully!

  2. Wow! What a sight! I loved all the gorgeous photographs.

  3. Crystal Heaven!! Beautiful!

  4. Dawn that place is amazing! Your story is well told! I have to laugh at the picture of Jeff with the backpack ahead of you. That is how all my photos of him look and that is how I remember him! LOVE the flower photo!

  5. just visited your blog, please would you want to visit my blog again, I hope my blog will give you a new information, thank you

  6. That is an amazing sight Dawn.

  7. Wow, what an experience. Beautiful pictures depicting it. Happy Easter.


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