Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BwBTC Patagonia, Arizona

Howdee all.

This past weekend a group of Birders who Blog,Tweet , chirp and use facebook for Social networking, gathered in Patagonia, AZ for some birding.

Check out Ray Goodwin's  blog post of the day

Donna Simonettis photos of the weekend on facebook

I will do a few posts of our weekend…Stay tuned.


Cast of Characters

Starting bottom left

Cynthia White, Linda Rockwell, Donna Simonetti, Nan Goodwin

Dawn Fine in middle

Top row.. Earl Norris, Bosque Bill, Ray Goodwin, Jeff Finebirding patagonia_012


Donna Simonetti   her Facebook page check out her facebook bird photos

Cynthia White Preskitgurl on twitter

Linda Rockwell and her significant other Earl Norris LRockwellatty on twitter 

Ray Goodwin Twitter-sonoranconnect and his blog Sonoran Connection

Nan Goodwin Twitter-AuntNancySoap and her blog  Aunt Nancys handmade soap.

Bosque Bill Bosque_Bill on twitter and his photo blog Bosque Bill

Dawn and Jeff thats us! DawnFine on Twitter DawnSimmonsFine on facebook


  1. a great looking group of birders
    sounds like y'all had fun
    can't wait to see your pics of the days

  2. Not sure my previous comment posted so I will try to repeat. Looks like a good group. Thanks for the links--I will check them out.

  3. Love birding get togethers - fun times!

    I'm passing along a Happiness Blogger Award to you - it's explained on my latest post over at This Northwest Life, including why I am passing it along to you.

    Thanks for sharing all these great travels and bird outings - I really enjoy them.

  4. Thanks, Dawn, for arranging such a wonderful get-together... the most fun I've had in a long, long time, and 17 life-birds, too!!!

  5. So cool that you guys were able to meet up!

  6. Wish things had worked out so I could have been there!q

  7. I love the way you find friends everywhere you go!
    Make that people friends AND critter friends!

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