Friday, July 31, 2009

Morning clouds in Chatham

Howdee all,

We were greeted on our morning walk with this really amazing cloud formation.

i was going to save this for Skywatch Friday..but decided to show it to you now.Chatham 2_20090731_011

So beautiful!Chatham 2_20090731_012

I haven't had much time to read Blogs lately in Chatham visiting the family.

I really do miss keeping up with everyone..but I am on a bit of a blogging vacation…I fit in a few here and there..but not nearly enough to make me happy. boo hoo..

Hope to fit some birding time in as well…but Jeff and I are the only birders in the will see ..

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chatham's Flowers…Chatham, MA

Howdee all.

A Morning walk around Chatham…always…beautiful flowers..

Hydrangeas a very popular flower for these beach homes.

The Blue are the most popular variety.Cape cod_20090730_014

Cape cod_20090730_015

Lots of pink flowersCape cod_20090730_016

Cape cod_20090730_017

We walk thru neighborhoods and then follow the road to the lighthouse..
Cape cod_20090730_019

and Lighthouse beach…or south beach..Jeff and I sometimes walk the 6 miles to the end of south beach to bird.  This year we will take the shuttle to see what shorebirds are migrating thru.Cape cod_20090730_024

Hydrangeas everywhere..Cape cod_20090730_028

Summertime in ChathamCape cod_20090730_027

  means FlowersCape cod_20090729_012

Cape cod_20090729_009

It also means other things to me..

Long stretches of beach, morning walks, hanging out with the fam., board games, shooting stars, coffee and scones, Lobster and fish, biking the bike trail.

Where do you go to Chill in the Summer?

We are here for a few more days before heading back to CT and then our journey west, to the mountains and mushrooms!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Day at the Beach, Niantic, CT. SWF

Howdee all,

We spent a few days at the beach, my previous Skywatch Friday Post was from this same beach but another day.

We have had allot of rain this summer in the Northeast…so its nice to catch a few rays of sunlight…I always prefer to sit at the beach when there is some cloud cover.Beach day_20090724_025

Great clouds this day!Beach day_20090724_020

My Sicksta Loris toe nails matched the sky.Beach day_20090724_032 Loved the subtle colors and the accent of orange.Beach day_20090724_039 A row of clouds above the sailboats.Beach day_20090724_040later in the afternoon, amazing large puffs of clouds arrivedl

Beach day_20090724_043

And the beach started to clear out…The best time of day at the beach, in my opinion.Beach day_20090724_045For more great skies from around the world click on the photo below!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walking around the Block…

Howdee all,

Sicksta Adele said I had enough bird and other things lately and not enough people. tee hee..

So here are Mom and Dad and Shadow...a neighborhood dog that follows us around when we walk the “Block” and in front of Dad.

Every morning while visiting Mom and Dad ..we walk two or three laps around ..what we call “The Block”.

P1000057 Its been wet most mornings…

Marla ave stuff_20090724_013One morning Dad and I got caught in a downpour..

We came home dripping wet.. it was fun!P1000062 I like water droplets!P1000056On one walk around the Block..Jeff found a beetle

i was going to ask you all to help me ID this bug..but I just googled and happened upon its name.

This is a grape pelidnota, Pelidnota punctata, a type of scarab beetle

Marla ave stuff_20090724_023 It also goes by the names spotted pelidnota and spotted June beetle..Thats Dads hand holding the beetle.Marla ave stuff_20090724_024” As an adult, this insect eats grape leaves. Watch for grape pelidnotas during July and August once they emerge. The larvae which are rarely seen feed on rotting wood in stumps and logs. As a result, you are more likely to see this insects near wooded areas.”

“Your plants are safe. If you find this beetle in your garden or yard, it has wandered in accidently. If you grow grapes, the feeding by grape pelidnota is of little concern. They typically occur in small numbers in a given area and their feeding is rarely, if ever, extensive or damaging to grapes”Marla ave stuff_20090724_025 A product of the rain..Small mushrooms..which I haven't ID yet.

Any Ideas?

Marla ave stuff_20090724_017Has a small brown.tan tip. Very delicate.Marla ave stuff_20090724_019A neighbors Echinacea patch.Marla ave stuff_20090724_009Thats enough walking…lets rest our head…

One of Stars favorite positions.


What types of things do you see when you take a walk? Check out what others see..

In Nature Notes!

Hope that made you Happy Sicksta!

We are now on our way to Cape Cod. Mom and Dad are taking care of Ballie and the Homey.

We had to pack suitcases…Yikes..Dont do that very often!

A week in Chatham with Jeff's family..maybe we can sneak in some birding..and oh yeah..a few photos of people for Sicksta.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

House Sparrows taking over the world!

Howdee all,

Yeah..House Sparrows….I think they are going to take over the world.

They seem to hog every birdhouse in my sisters yard…and also at my parents.

I cant help but think how cute these birds are when they are young..

But they do grow up and hog..the feeders, the birdhouses…and the world.

I suppose I shouldn't feel this way…but I do..especially when I hear of how the adults take young bluebirds out of a birdhouse to claim it for their own.

Gosh..whose post was that? Cant remember…

Ok..but that's nature right? Raptors kill…other birds take over nests…so why are some of us anti House Sparrow? I dont hate them...but sometimes, they just annoy me.

What's your take? Do you Like House Sparrows? Do they ruin your day when they eat al the food at your bird feeders?

Are they taking over your Birdhouses?

Do you think they are taking over the world or just your yard? Do you find yourself wanting to take action against these invaders?

OK with that said..

Here are some cute…yes cute…House Sparrows..

Mom..Hey mom!loris and the beach_20090719_084

Where are you?loris and the beach_20090719_110

over there?loris and the beach_20090719_175

There you are Mom! I am sooo hungry!

loris and the beach_20090719_189

Me to…me too…Feed me too!loris and the beach_20090719_209Mom..feed me ,,,I want more!loris and the beach_20090719_213Gee…she's gone again! loris and the beach_20090719_214 Hope she's coming back..I'm still hungry…and I am not leaving here yet..

Mom says she wants us to eat allot so that we can take over the world.

loris and the beach_20090719_215I’m ready…I’m ready….wheres that world you want me to take over!loris and the beach_20090719_238 Come back Mom..I promise, just give me some food and I will make you proud!loris and the beach_20090719_254 I will be good and stop trashing the House Sparrows…for at least five minutes..

For more photos of Birds…and probably not the sad commentary..

check out

bird photog weekly

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dawns Blogaholic Weekly Reader

Howdee all,

Here's the second installment of Dawns Blogaholic weekly reader.

Just a few links this time so as not to overwhelm.

I also want to add something to this.

If you have an interesting blog or link to share..put it in the comment section, so we can all check out the link you are suggesting..and yes it can be your own!

I know, I know..I really am a Blogaholic, My greedy little mind is thinking I might find some new Blogs to read. Or maybe an older blog post that is yours that I haven't seen…So send it on down. I am a waitin.


Dawns Blogaholic Weekly Reader


This has been hitting the Nature airwaves and most people have seen this..But if you haven't..You must.. You Must!

(a pink bush katydid)

Pinkishly Outrageous!   by Jim from Ohio Birds and Diversity
and another account of the famous Pink Katydid

via Cheryl Harner of Weedpickers Journal

This thing is really should take a look if you haven't seen it..and read about its fame.


Here is another very strange thing ..

You really should watch her Video and then the video below hers explaining why this strange thing is happening to a Snail! Exciting yet Sad..and very weird.

brought to you by

Jennifer Schlick from A Passion for Nature, titled What the Heck!


Oh my,Ugh!  Who's gonna come back to this mess???

Red tailed Hawk makes a scene!
Via Sharon from A New England Life


Ok..enough of big birds leaving gifts and strange bugs and Parasites..

How about wonderful photos of

Big Brown and Little Brown…Thrasher
brought to you by Bird Girl from My Bird Tales


Two Young birders who Blog!

Meet them… follow them! Comment on their blogs to show you care.

This first young person is..

A twelve year old that goes by the name Bird World Blog
and his blog Bird Lovers 101


And a 15 year who's name is…

Tucker from Birding with Tucker

he “was one of about 60 lucky boy scouts from across America to be chosen to participate in a leadership hike through the mountains of New Mexico.”

and that is where he is now!


these are just two of the young birders that I follow..I am so impressed with these young people who bird and blog…

Do you have any young birders that you follow?

Share the link..You know me..I am always happy to read more….


This is just a sampling..…there are more artists..and photographers…and comedians…and so many amazing bloggers out there…

I cant give them to you all at once…so just wait…until next week…when i give you more..of

Dawns Blogaholic Weekly reader!

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Check it out and view some of the wonderful blogs!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lori’s Flowers

Howdee all,

Flowers from my Sicksta Loris Garden

Lori will comment with the flowers names and I will post them as soon as she does.

I will just Give my guesses to what they are now.. Sickstas comments on her flowers in blue.

One of my favorite purchases doesn't have very large flowers but I love how well it has done. It is the plant in the first photo that is on the left of the cone flowers. It has the tall spires of red flowers and is called Persicaria Firetail. I think Del has that plant also..

loris garden_20090718_001This one I know as Purple coneflower…Lori probably knows another name for it

The first two are echinacea (purple coneflower)

loris garden_20090718_008This is another type of purple coneflower…very cool..large center

Razzmatazz is the name of the puffy center one.

loris garden_20090718_003

Guessing this is some kind of black eyed susan

The third flower just ended up in that place and I am not sure what it is...ha

loris garden_20090718_015Some white this a coneflower too Sicksta?

The forth flower is a light yellow echinacea. I don't remember the name but I have the tag in the ground next to the plant, but it is too dark out now to find it.

loris garden_20090718_026This is some sort of Day LiLy but triple kind

The orange day lillies were here when we bought the house. I always loved them because they are like a triple flower.

loris garden_20090718_017 Some kind of bee in the Day Lily ..fuzzy wuzzy..loris garden_20090718_017Ok..I have not a clue..but its blue..that much is true.. 

The next two are platycodons (balloon flowers)

loris garden_20090718_024  And another that is blue ..Sicksta these are the two I was talking about..

see the different centers..similar flowers I think..You tell me..

One is tall and the other is a dwarf size.

loris garden_20090718_043Yellow Day Lily

The yellow day lily has a light lemon scent.

loris garden_20090718_044Don't know what this reddish beauty is but i Loved the sunshiny yellow coming from the center…

The last flower is a red mandevilla.

loris garden_20090718_022

Those are a few of Loris Flowers..aren't they Lovely!