Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Cranberry Island, Maine

Howdee all,

The second Island we toured on our Cranberry Island trip

Little Cranberry Island

Isleford, Maine

Acadia National Park_145

Islesford is a picturesque harbor town on Little Cranberry Island just southeast of Mount Desert Island, Maine, providing spectacular views of Acadia National Park. Access is provided by a local mailboat or tour boats from Northeast Harbor and Southwest Harbor. Several interesting shops, galleries and artisans reside here. The Islesford Historical Museum (operated by the National Park Service) shows ship models, tools, and photographs that reveal island life during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Admission to the museum is free. (Islesford Photos) via


Acadia National Park_146Sweet Homes…Acadia National Park_147Fields of Lupine

Acadia National Park_156While walking around the island I found this beautiful piece of bark

Acadia National Park_149Bark Bracelet…

Acadia National Park_150What do you think? Will this take off in the jewelry world?

Acadia National Park_153Men can wear Bark Bracelets too…

Acadia National Park_154Cool tree near the cemetery

Acadia National Park_160Scenes at the shore..

Acadia National Park_161

A few artists shops and Restaurant at the end

Acadia National Park_164Pottery displayed in the window..Lichen covered shingles

Acadia National Park_167Lichen and bikes..

Acadia National Park_169Loved all this Lichen

Acadia National Park_170Lobsta pots..

Acadia National Park_174Acadia National Park_176Lobster boat..

Acadia National Park_177

Purdy Dingys..

Acadia National Park_178Acadia National Park_181Another Great day in Maine

Acadia National Park_186

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cranberry Islands~Great Cranberry

Howdee all

While in Maine we took a boat to two of the Cranberry Islands.

We took the ferry boat from

Acadia National Park_093

Southwest Harbor

Acadia National Park_097It was a beautiful clear morning..Acadia National Park_083The water was like glass…Acadia National Park_084The first Island we went to was

Great Cranberry

Nestled just 30 minutes by ferry southeast of Mount Desert Island, with superb views of the mountains of Acadia National Park, the five Cranberry Isles host a year-round community of lobstermen, boatbuilders, and craftsmen, as well as numerous rusticators who’ve been returning each summer for years, if not generations.

Acadia National Park_103

Great Cranberyy Island

Great Cranberry Island, the largest of the Cranberry Isles, has a truly commanding and spectacular view of Mount Desert Island and the mountains of Acadia National Park in Maine. Located near the southern entrance to Somes Sound, you can view Manset, Southwest Harbor and Somes Sound to the northeast from the public pier. Sutton Island and Northeast Harbor are to the north. Little Cranberry Island and Islesford are to the east. via


Acadia National Park_10545 or so year round residents

Acadia National Park_107


Acadia National Park_111

Fixer upper

Acadia National Park_116  Must have been lovely

Acadia National Park_117Rosa Rugosa

Acadia National Park_119Acadia National Park_120Homes with views of Acadia and pastures

Acadia National Park_121My favorite home on the Island

Acadia National Park_122This one had a great view

Acadia National Park_125This was growing on the roadsides~don’t know what it is but it had a lovely pink color

Acadia National Park_129

More views of Acadia

Acadia National Park_133This home looks Idyllic

Acadia National Park_134Field of fern

Acadia National Park_137Low tide..Acadia National Park_138

The darn artifact in my camera is bugging me…see it top middle..

Time to return the camera again..

Acadia National Park_140

Flowers planted near the Museum and Café

Acadia National Park_143

stay tuned for Little Cranberry Island

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Postcard from Acadia National Park

Howdee all,

A Picture Postcard

Acadia National Park_022

from the Rocky shores of Acadia National Park..

Acadia National Park_029 The scenic vistas Acadia National Park_044

Acadia National Park_047Are around every corner…Acadia National Park_051

We had a fabulous week…

Acadia National Park_060

More photos to come..

We are now back in Ct after a few weeks spent hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire..will be in CT for a few weeks before heading to Cape Cod

Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of July Postcard from Bar Harbor,Maine

Howdee all,

We spent a week in Acadia National Park with friends. On the 4th we all went into Bar Harbor for the Parade

Great small parade..P1070669Lobsters on the run..


We put our our blankets and chairs and waited many hours until the fire works display.

P1070688Lovely views while hanging out waiting for fire works

P1070710We took a walk along the shore…P1070697Always rugged and beautiful..P1070701It was a lovely day spent with friends..

P1070706A toast to the 4th of July in Bar Harbor..


We spent one week in Acadia National Park~More posts to follow..

We are now in New Hampshire and heading back to CT in a few days…