Monday, July 14, 2014

A Very Capey Weekend

It was a very

Capey weekend .

Fourth of July weekend we took Jeff's Mom to the Cape and spent a few days with Jeff's family, leaving our Homey behind in Lexington.

We had our misty morning walks..


The Smoots clammed while I roamed around…



I looked for things…


P1040625And at the scenery..


P1040621It was muggy…

P1040632A thin fog slowly lifting..

This boat below has been here for years…

finally starting to fall apart.


Rosa Rugosa lines the street…

P1040637It Smells so sweet..


I call it beach rose…

Its invasive and not native.

I love it and happy it made it to these coastal areas..though, the large stands impede the growth of native plants.

P1040649There were many people out digging for clams this busy fourth of July weekend..


The Smoots looked like they did well…


P1040652Clam Dinner!


We also went to the very popular Fourth of July Parade in Chatham..


Fun and festive..


P1040676Our Daughters Husbands brother is the owner and driver of the Candy Cane Car…he is quite the comedian.

Pogo Dave



Check out his website..


We have since moved Homey to my parents driveway in CT…

see you there!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Walkin the hood…

We have been in Lexington, Massachusetts for about a month now. We are parked in a family members driveway, easy access to Jeff's side of the family and our daughter.

Most mornings Jeff and I go for a four mile walk in the neighborhoods of Lexington.

This particular day was still damp from the previous nights rain.

This is an amazing Chinese Dogwood..

I have always loved Chinese Dogwood..

It flowers later than American dogwood and its blooms reach out on arms of the tree.

P1040583This particular tree is gorgeous..

P1040584thick with blooms..

P1040585These beautiful blooms will give way to pretty red fruits..

Edible fruits….I have eaten the fruits in the past but have never made anything out of them.

P1040586Hosta with droplets..

P1040594On our walk…I spied a mushroom..

It was in someones yard..

P1040587Or I would have snatched it up!

P1040588In retrospect…I should have snatched it up..

P1040591 A beautiful fresh, edible gem of a mushroom..

Chicken of the Woods


On our walk the following day..the mushroom wasn’t there..

They had mowed the lawn and heaved the mushroom into the nearby pond.

Next time..I will not hesitate.

Grab it before it goes…