Monday, June 30, 2014

a few weeks ago in New Hampshire

I have had a month or so of blogging funk.

These photos are almost a month old..

I better get myself in gear and put them up here on the interwebs..

This is my online diary, travelogue and it sure has skidded to a halt lately.

So lets get on with it!

I took these photos when we went on a trip to New Hampshire with our daughter, her hubbie and our granddaughter.

Jeff and I took a morning walk on the bike path.


We happened upon a man who had just moved this Luna moth to the side of the path so it wouldn’t get run over.

It was alive but not moving much.

P1040470I took a few photos of the “eyes” on the back of its wings..

P1040473One lone Lady slipper..

P1040491I think this snapping turtle was laying eggs..


It didn’t move much..


Most of our New Hampshire get away was spent hanging out with our precious little granddaughter..

Here is her cute little finger touching this Eastern Tiger swallowtail butterfly I found.

Sadly it was dead.


Jeff and I hope to teach our granddaughter to love and appreciate nature.

  Her first birthday is coming up and I purchased a few books, one on bugs and two on birds.

Do you have any suggestions on books to help her develop an appreciation of nature?

If you do just let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Snow on a hot day in June

We didn’t expect to see snow in June…..

and yet, there it was…

P1040509A light dusting of white fluff….


Seeds of snow….

P1040504lining the walkway…






We think this is the large tree that made it snow..




Thanks Barb and Holly for your ID help.