Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dew Drops on Fern

When out riding my new bike a few days ago…I came across these ferns..

bike path_004I wish I didn't rush taking these photos..

bike path_005I only snapped a few and did so quickly.

I think they could have been much nicer..

The ferns edges were lined with beads of water.

bike path_006I will go back to the same spot again to see if I can do a better job.

bike path_007My point and shoot has a few macro settings..

that work well if I take the time and take more photos.

bike path_010

Until then…bike path_009

Jeff and I are on Cape Cod visiting family for the weekend.

Photos soon! Smile

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is bugging me…whats what? …

While visiting Mom and Dad in Connecticut this weekend I photographed this bug below and the skippers that were around the garden.

I am bugged..What are these?

I believe this is a type of Leaf-footed Bug

Thanks LuLu!!

flowers and bugs_001It didn't stink..

flowers and bugs_003There were skippers all over the Zinnias..

Silver-spotted Skipper and what I think are two Sachem skippers..

flowers and bugs_011

Silver-spotted skipper

This I am sure of..

flowers and bugs_018

The others below confuse me..

They are a bit similar…

What type of skipper is this?

Very streaky..

flowers and bugs_027I am thinking this trio are all Sachem

flowers and bugs_035Sachem?

These all vary a bit..

flowers and bugs_069


flowers and bugs_038A few days later I photographed this skipper..

Is this also a Sachem?

flowers and bugs_076This girl is confused…

What's new?

flowers and bugs_083

I know there are different types of Bumble Bees

Is this an American Bumble Bee?

flowers and bugs_086

This is the beach..

With people and rocks and chairs, blankets, sand and water.

I know a few things..

Stick might learn too Winking smile

flowers and bugs_075

Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's happening?

What's happening?
Well, besides being new grandparents...and helping out with precious Emma.

Jeff with Emma

I have a new Bike!
A Trek Verve 3
My girly bike.
I had a rack put on the back so that I could use my pannier from my old bike.

I want some sort of basket for the front..
This looks nice.
Do you have any favorite bike accessory?

My sister told me that I was on Google Earth in front of her house.
Yep, they caught me looking at birds!
I like that :)
Have you checked your home via Google Map or Earth?

We went Foxwoods Casino to take advantage of a free two nights stay.

I lounged around the pool and spa.

We went out for a nice dinner at
The Paragon

I started off with a wonderful
Dragon fruit Martini.

Lobster and mushrooms over Risotto.

Jeff had a trio of treats.

Me tooned...

Desert menu..

It was hot and hazy outdoors..
Nice to be inside and cool.

The sun was setting on a nice relaxing day....

We are in CT now for some family fun with my family.
Monday we head back to MA for some more
Emma time.

I hope you all are staying cool.
What's your favorite way to cool off?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Northern Rail Trail, Enfield, NH

A short walk from our daughter and her hubbys home in NH is the Northern Rail Trail.

We took several walks this week on this lovely trail..

Emma NH_072


The Northern Rail Trail is a multi-use rail trail in western New Hampshire, USA, currently 48 miles (77 km) in length from Lebanon to Franklin.[1] It uses the right of way of Boston & Maine's former Northern Line that was acquired by the State of New Hampshire in 1996. The trail is managed by the NH Bureau of Trails.


Emma NH_087This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail was fluttering around 

and landing on dog poo..

must have been getting something it liked from the poo..

Emma NH_076American Redstart above my head.

We also saw Chestnut-sided Warblers, Catbird, Kingfishers, Eastern Phoebe

American Goldfinch and other birds to add to our area list.

Emma NH_080The trail  heading west, takes us by Mascoma Lake

Emma NH_085

Great place for a cooling dip in the summer…in winter the lake freezes and people Ice fish here..

Emma NH_089Samarrah took me on a short detour to view this property that is for sale.

Emma NH_091This could be yours for 294 thousand dollars..

  • 2 bed / 1 full bath
  • 1,244 sqft
  • Emma NH_093The land and cottage is only accessed via the bike trail or by boat..

    Emma NH_094Any takers?

    Emma NH_095The land around the cottage was quite nice with many native plants and mushrooms..

    Emma NH_099Chanterelle mushrooms..

    edible, but not enough here to make a meal of so we just left them.

    Emma NH_100

    Boletus of some sort.

    Maybe~ Leccinum subglabripes

    Emma NH_120We did a loop back toward the home from the little white cottage....

    These ledges have many carvings on them..

    Most of them over 100 years old.

    Emma NH_102

    Emma NH_105

    Emma NH_106

    I suppose these were carved by the men working on the railroad.

    I did not find any information about these while looking at the Rail Trail website.

    Emma NH_108

    Emma NH_109 A great trail for a walk, run or a bike ride..

    Next visit we will take the bikes to see more of the Northern Rail Trail.

    Emma NH_111