Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunset in Big Bend ..Day 5 part 3

Howdee all,

We finished off a very hot day of hiking in Big Bend with a lovely sunset.

Sunset_004A great way to end the daySunset_007 Even though I was craving a nice cool shower Sunset_009 We had to stop for a few photosSunset_010 Of a Texas sunset

It cooled off a bit when the sun went down..Sunset_012  Nice sleeping weatherSunset_015 For those of you who know of my internet situationSunset_016 I found out today I can use my ATT cardSunset_017  Its not real fast internet connection

I can use it to chat..looks like I still have to go to wifi cafe to upload blog posts.

Sunset_019     See the Vultures in the distance..a huge kettle

Sunset_024look closer..Sunset_022  Its very peaceful here in Big Bend..

Sunset_026   I love how the rays of sun are shining thru the clouds


So there ya go..another Nice Big Bend day!

Stay tuned for more of

Big Bend NP


  1. Deeeelicious sky shots. I could feel myself there - that's about all a person can ask for in a photograph!

  2. are right..awesome sky!

  3. I have enjoyed reading about your travels in Big Bend. I found your blog throught the Texas Mountain Trail Daily Photo. Good stuff.


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