Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mule Ears Hike, Big Bend NP..Day 4 part 3

Howdee all,

We ended our day with a 4.5 mile round trip hike to Mule ears spring.

Difficulty- Moderate

mule ears_001

Mule ears is probably one of the most distinctive landmarks in Big Bend.mule ears_003Can you see why it was named Mule ears? mule ears_004 This hike is all out in the open..mule ears_005 Bring plenty of water…and if its hot do this hike in the morning..mule ears_007 I adore these pink and purple cactus..mule ears_008 Pink cactus with orange rock..mule ears_009 Torrey Yucca blooming throughout the desert now…mule ears_011 mule ears_012 See the green trees… I thought that was going to be the spring we were hiking too.mule ears_013 But no..not yet.. see the ears in the distance?mule ears_014 Cactus blooming..mule ears_015 Close up of the blooms…mule ears_016  The Mule ears…mule ears_021 And finally we arrive at the springs…

Another Oasis in the desert…

mule ears_022 Where froggys live…mule ears_023 This spring was truly and Oasis, with trees and fern and flowers growing around.and several small pools of water.

Somehow..I lost some of my photos from this hike..I took a few more frog photos and photos of the Trees around the spring..I think my SD card gobbled them up..

Oh well…

Birds of the Day

Roadrunner, Cardinals,Black-throated sparrows,Says Phoebe,Vermillion flycatcher.,Common Yellowthroat,Yellow rump warbler, Meadowlark, Prrhuloxia,White crown, Black-throated, Vesper and chipping sparrows,Merlin,House finch, Spotted and Canyon towhees, Scaled Quail,Coopers hawk,Robin,Blue-gray gnatcatcher,Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Bewicks, Rock and Canyon wrens, Chihuahuan raven

and our life bird

Golden-fronted woodpecker


  1. It always makes me smile to see blooms on a cactus... sort of an odd thing really. What a menagerie of cool birds you saw!

  2. Its amazing to see that pink cactus in such surroundings Dawn, thanks for posting.

  3. Great (hot) pictures.

    You must have changed the settings on your camera to save pictures in a smaller size. They will no longer open up in the large format.

  4. Yes, I have been meaning to ask you that. Why are the pictures smaller when you click on them? I was thinking the hard drive up there in the sky is getting filled up too,(laugh) and shrinking the pictures. Well they were as lovely as usual and the froggy is cute and colorful.

  5. LOVE the cactus flowers... How wonderful and it looks like a birdie bonanza as far as I am concerned... Have a super day & travel safe!

  6. I just LOVE going on these hikes with you!! The cactus blooms are amazing!

  7. So enjoying your pictures and stories of your adventures out west.

  8. Love the plants , great spot to go and walk about


  9. Some features just name themselves. :)

    Awesome photos, especially the pink cacti. And an oasis ... how romantic and adventuresome at the same time.

  10. What a gorgeous hike! I love those orange flowers - so pretty! :)

  11. You sure do have an AMAZING life Dawn! Every post is just so full of things many of us may never see - except through your lens! You have such a good eye for the interesting and great compositions! And isn't it neat to have campers tell you where the owl sleeps!

  12. Dawn, I thought you were trying to trick us with those pink cacti...surely photoshop, right?
    Or are they real?

  13. Still living vicariously through your hikes in my back yard of Texas, a mighty BIG backyard!

  14. I have always thought of an oasis as water. Never gave much thought as to how the plant life around it would be different. Duh.

    Love how you get up close and personal with the cacti!

  15. i am enjoying each and every post these days

  16. Here I am playing catch up again..We are in Padre Island Texas currently and i have better internet i hope to respond to comments quicker..

    yeah..its great to see the blooms on cactus..I was just looking at your blog..lots of beautiful springtime blooms there!

    yeah..wasnt that pink cactus cool!

    Howdee Richard..
    I fixed the settings..i must have somehow done that..but dont know how or should work now..

    Howdee muther..yeah..don't know what happened but its fixed now..I did notice my blog was uploading faster..must have been the small size photos.

    Thanks..yeah it was a birdie bonanza..lots of good birds for a desert..

    Aww thanks Kerri..I love taking you with me!

    thanks, glad you are enjoying them..will be headed east and then north soon..June in New England..will try to get us all together again!

    Thanks Dan..
    We really love Big Bend..will be in your neck of the woods in June..hope to get a birdie group together sometime summer or fall.

    Thanks Wren ..yes it was romantic as well ..

    Thanks eve, glad you enjoyed the hike! thanks for coming along!

    Bird Girl
    Thank you ..that is so nice of you to say...I am blushing..:)

    Gunnar Engblom
    Howdee Gunnar..nope photoshop here..real pink cactus in all their glory!

    What a wonderful backyard..enjoying it immensely!

    howdee..I must go visit u soon..I am soooo behind in reading blogs and feel overwhelmed..In a way it will be nice to stop birding and traveling..just so i can catch up here!

    Travelling Rants
    Aww thanks!


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