Thursday, October 16, 2014

These Eyes…

These 58 year old eyes have something to tell you..

Its been a week and a day since my surgery.

I have waited until after my upper blepharoplasty surgery to blog about my experience.

I thought long and hard about  whether or not to blog before my surgery and to go through the whole process with you all...

I decided against it.


There were two reasons I decided not to...what if I went under anesthesia and never came out….

Joan Rivers went for a routine procedure under anesthesia and  you know that outcome….

I thought about how I might be judged having an elective surgery and dying on the table,,,yeah, dramatic ..but that was one of the thoughts I had..

I have NEVER had a surgery…..This was to be my first and I was worried about going under with propofol and not coming out...yeah...Michael Jackson and his propofol death.

So death under anesthesia was on my mind.

I did have to be cleared by a Cardiologist and have an EKG before the surgery.

My other reason was, It has taken me over three years to finally make the decision to have this surgery.

I didn't want any negativity against plastic surgery to affect me before having this done.

I see many posts about people saying to age gracefully, keep the

wrinkles etc.  Yeah, I am all for that...I think woman can age gracefully and beautifully without surgeries.

I also feel if a woman wants to have plastic surgery to make her feel or look younger it's her life and her body. I can't make judgments on what someone should or shouldn't do.


That being said....

My eye lids were aging,the excess skin hung over my eyelashes and the side of my eyelids felt heavy and people would often say I looked tired.

My father had blepharoplasty surgery because he lost peripheral vision.

He almost had an accident because he couldn't see out the sides of his eyes… the excess skin was in the way.

Dad told me the surgery was easy and he had no pain. I did see photos and he was very black and blue afterwards. Insurance paid for his surgery..he didn't go to a plastic eye DR. did the work and he looks fine and his peripheral vision is good now.

My mother also has a similar issue with her eyes. She was told insurance would cover her surgery as well, she has opted not to have the surgery after seeing my dads eyes black and blue for many days after his surgery.

My eyes are more like my dads. I knew it would be a matter of time when I would loose some  peripheral vision, as it was I felt as though I was seeing better when I raised my eyebrows to open my eyes more...

I found myself raising my eye brows a lot.


I have never had surgery so I was nervous, I consulted with one plastic surgeon for a several years who was intending to do the surgery….

each time I would see her for a consult and chicken out before setting up an actual appointment for the surgery.

When I finally made my decision to do it, she decided she was not the best surgeon for me. She felt I needed a bit more work to get better results for what she said were my drooping eyebrows..which were causing more excess tissue.
She referred me to another plastic surgeon.

The second surgeon felt I needed a temporal brow lift as well as the excess skin removed.

I decided to go through with it, even though I was frightened about not coming out of the anesthesia.


I am happy to say..I survived. Smile

hee hee…and I can still see, and see better! I can most definitely see above better.

The surgery was easy and recovery was virtually painless. I only took two pain pills the first two nights.


pre op photo Dr measured and drew lines as his guide.

photo 2(1)Out of surgery and into the car…

Surgery took about and hour and a half.

photo 2Home in bed still coming out of propfol…

P1050860Ist day photos..P1050854






P1050858Cold compress for 24 hours..

P10508622nd day..


3rd day…


Fifth day…


6th day



Before surgery…


7th day before suture removal..


So…I did it and I am very happy I did!

This was a very easy surgery. If you have any questions and are thinking about having this surgery done just give me a holler.

One week later..

After suture removal and with eye shadow!


Surgeon was Dr. Joel Feldman~Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, MA

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gone Girl….


I am back…at least for today.


How did it become fall?

Where did the summer go?


We have hopped between Mom and Dads driveway.


To Jeffs sisters driveway on Cape Cod.


its been a lovely summer…

with Pink Moons..


Flowers wild

P1040995Flowers with dew..


Hydrangeas of Cape Cod…

P1050027Fence post Lichen


 Lazy Beach walks…

P1050391Family beach days…

P1050147 Our first Clamming license!

P1050156Festival parade in Provincetown

P1050238Morning walks on shore road..

P1050265Some Birding and beaching….









Awesome sunsets….

P1050525Foggy beach walks…




follow the snail highway..




Jelly fish looking glasses..…






P1050452Digging for Steamers!




P1050480More scenic walks….

P1050488Family picnics…



P1050503Grandpa, granddaughter and the swan....

P1050507 - CopyEating the fruit of our bounties!




A whirlwind of summer…..

P1050535In photos….


Mother nature shows her hand..

P1050650Signs of fall ….

Staging Tree Swallows..


Rainfall brings on the mushrooms…

P1050711and the mushroom foragers…


Leaves starting to change color and

fall to the ground..…



Where did they go?

Those leaves of summer?


Did they turn into mushrooms?


Some still cling and glow..

P1050764They poke into the ground like tiny spears..…

P1050808Did they turn into confetti?

P1050809Or little girls at play?



Where did they go?

Those green leaves of summer?

 Did they glow then slowly fade into the sunset?