Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day of the Condors and Elephant Seals..............

This Video is of the Elephant seals we saw a few days ago....I didn't get any footage of the Condors...because they were high in the sky....With our Binoculars we got a good glimpse of 6 condor. We were lucky to see so many. They had recently put out some food (dead rabbits) to feed them....they were concerned about a young female who wasn't eating.
The Elephant seals were a real treat to see...very noisy....very cool. It was birthing season.

Dick took this picture of this sweet western bluebird with my camera using his scope..nice

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by dawnjeffprodigynet

Elephant seals , condor and the Mission

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two great Days, Biking, Outriggers and FOOD

Howdy all,

Two great days, two different activities with the end result being Good Food....
Yesterday Geno, Jeff and I rode and birded to Noi's Thai restaurant.
Met the rest of the gang there. Went to a local farmers market and then to Copa de Oro coffee shop.

Today we rented a few outriggers , from Orchid Outriggers and went with Marc, our guide, on a tour of the look at birds. Then off to Bayside Cafe for lunch.
Two nice days...Good Food

below i am using two different ways for you to get to my webshots photos..the one thumbnail takes you directly to the webshots photo album....the other is a slide show.....let me know which you like better....I can always use them both.

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elfin forest, tide pools, Valencia peak, bikeride,outrigger

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tidepools, Elfin Forest and Valencia Peak

Howdy you all,

We continue to enjoy this area. The above picture is Jeff, Dick and Judy doing some birding.

Weather is getting warmer here. So today was a great day for a hike up to Valencia Peak.
We went with our Friends, fellow birders and our private tour guides of the area... Patti and Geno and their friends Jay and Harvey and also our Birding and traveling Friends, Dick and Judi. We will be traveling with Dick and Judi into Arizona starting the beginning of Feb. looking for more birds....

We had a nice hike up to the peak. Saw a few hawks, kestrels and 2 coyotes, and of course great views.

bye for now......I hope to see a few family get going....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Morning Walk with Mr. Curlew. Butterflies and Friends

This is what we did yesterday....A nice morning walk. I walked with Mr. Curlew. Later in the day we went to see where the Monarch butterflies are Hanging out...then onto a birding walk and beach again. Nice Day.

Webshots Photos here.... or watch the webshots slideshow below

morro bay birdfest pics and more

music on the Video is Yo-Yo Ma
Butterflies Day Out

check out the butterfly banding video on this

Halter Ranch Winery

Howdy all,

The Video below was a tour of Halter Ranch Winery and Birdwatching at the winery. I went on this tour with Geno and Patti, Jeff was off with Dick and Judy and another tour on
Estero bluffs. It was a very very cold morning for us all. It eventually warmed up nicely and the wine was a great finish to our tour.

The birdfest ended on Monday....We are now hanging out...doing some birding...touring areas nearby.
This is truely a wonderful area, I am sure Jeff and I will want to come back in the future...Hopefully to warmer weather.

Here is a link to my new pictures on Webshots

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bird Festival walks and talks ....

Bird Festival is now over....We enjoyed all our walks and talks. I especially enjoyed the mushroom walk... I certainly enjoy birdwatching....but mushrooms ..well they take priority in my book. I didn't expect to see mushrooms on our walk and were pleasantly surprised by how many we picked.
Today we slept more getting up at 630 for an early morning bird walk....Hooray

Jeff and I went Mushroom picking in the afternoon and came back with a small bucket and bag full. It was getting dark when we hit the mother lode....We grabbed what we could but really couldn't search as much as I would have liked......I WILL BE BACK.

guided mushroom walk in Cambria...

Pishing Class

That's all for now...I have a few more short videos to add...well maybe one...the Bay cruise video might be kind of boring so i may not include that...the other the vineyard tour....Will see how it goes...but I am tired now and don't feel like putting any video together....
Sorry I missed you Chicky and Dellare online tonight....will catch you tomorrow...hopefully....

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival

Today was the second day of the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival.

Yesterday I went withDick and Judy, and eight others birding with renowned birder,writer, Pete Dunne.

He has written many great birding and naturalist type books.

We went on a long drive to the Carrizo Plains National Monument. I added a few life birds to my list. Yippee do da dee.... It was a cold cold day...burrr.
A few of the new birds were ...

Sage Sparrow

Mountain Plover

Yellow billed magpie

And a few more....

Today I opted to take the morning off. I did go to the Digital Photo class, and I decided I wasn't ready to buy a big Digital SLR I will make do with my little point and shoot.
I might try some manipulation with a software program to make them a bit better.

We went to Pete Dunne's Lecture tonight on 20 things that have changed birding....Very good.
I might have to read some of his books.

Jeff has been taking different classes than me. He is also having a very good time here at the Festival. Right now as I type this he has control of the Remote....bird book on his chest...and eyes closed... Long day of birding....

Nobbie doing well...eating lots...purring lots and wanting to go outside...I hope this continues for many years... It was sooo hard to see the little boy sick.

Ok that's all for now.....Anything in particular you want me to film? let me know...Beachgrl wants pictures of Thai food....ha...I will try to remember to take pictures of the food next time we go out.
Love to you all,

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Birding with Friends in Morro Bay and Dicks 65th dinner

Howdy again,

Had a nice day of Birding with Friends today.....Colder that usual here....burrrrr......
I took some video today of the reupholstered chairs and new carpet...but forgot to do a video of our new TV. So I put a few stills in....
Left around 10 and went birding until around 5. Had a great time ..thank goodness for Geno and Patti, our Friends and tour guides of this lovely area. They know the best places for food and drink. And of course the favorite haunts of Bird life here.
So enjoy the video clip. I also added a short Birthday clip for Dick....Happy 65!
Tommorow starts the Bird Festival, I may not be online in the evening. Catcha soon.

The music on the first video is by Jolie Holland.

Morro Dunes, CA

Howdy all,

Haven't blogged for quite a while. We have had a very sick nobbiecat and I just couldn't get my Christmas and New years videos and pictures together to post. Just too overwhelmed and upset. I will get them together at a later date. Nobbie seems to be getting better, has a funny voice, but eating well and wanting to go outside for walks as usual. I am still keeping a close watch on him. So rather than getting way behind, I will try to show where we are now and what we are doing.
We are now in Morro Bay at Morro Dunes Rv park.

We arrived on Monday. The weather was windy when we arrived, then turned nice and warm in the 70s...but we are now have a cool it will be in the mid fifties for a few days before getting warmer.

We can walk out of Homey and to the beach, I have been told we can walk nine miles of beach to the north of us. Jeff and I had a nice two and a half hour walk on the beach yesterday. I collected more sand dollars...these are smaller than the ones i collected on the east coast. Anyone want them? I don't know whether to keep them or not. I also collected some cute little shells. Nothing big like in Florida. But some sweet ones. I was thinking of making something out of them. When our friends Geno and Patti arrived yesterday she said she is decorating bird houses with maybe I will do that.

Our Friends Dick and Judy arrived a few days ago, they will be joining us for the Bird Festival here. That is what brought us to this area, Geno and Patti told us about this festival and here we are. Very pretty area. I will post pictures in a bit.

I really haven't been online much as you know, mom and Adele, we've been socializing.
I think the schedule might change and we will have some free nights and I will join you all online in the evening. That might happen after the Bird Festival, which starts tomorrow and ends Monday night.
I am also online in the Morning.

More to come...bird festival videos and pics....