Thursday, March 04, 2010

Goodbye you feel my shadow?

Howdee all,

We left Catalina State Park and Tucson Today..

it was supposed to be on Wednesday..but..the wash was covered with sand and water from recent rains.

We couldn't leave.

catalina state park_044We didn’t mind being stranded here..We had plenty of food ..chocolate and wine.

nature trail steve and lena_019Now we say goodbye …to

Catalina State park

Shadows of Jeff, Dawn, Steve and Lena nature trail steve and lena_013 Goodbye rain filled washes!

Shadows of Dawn and Lenanature trail steve and lena_006 Goodbye Santa Catalina mountains…

Shadows of Dawn and Lenacatalina shadows steve lena us_004Goodbye..

Shadows of Jeff, Dawn, Lena and Steve

catalina shadows steve lena us_007

Until we meet again!


We are now in Patagonia Arizona..looking for birdies


  1. Dawn,I love the shadows in the pictures waving goodby. The pictures are beautiful as well. Have fun birding, hope you see lots.

  2. Wow those two botto photos are great!

  3. Great pictures of shadows. I love them.

  4. I really love your shadows! The colorful scenery too.

  5. Oh my, the light in these photographs is extraordinary! Beautiful, beautiful beautiful, and so poignant too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. A beautiful post to end your visit. Shadows of a sweet departure.

  7. What a beautiful place to visit Dawn. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Such a fun way to say, "Goodbye."
    We cannot have shadows without light and the light in your photographs is beautiful!
    Happy birding! Migration has begun. I have been watching the Canadian Geese flying high on the thermals.

  9. Clever shadow photos!

    Glad you are out of there. I hate to sound like a wuss but I think desert storms are scary.

  10. OH Dawn..I just LOVE this post! You are so creative! The goodbye shadows are awesome....and the area looks absolutely stunning.

    Wishing you Safe travels to your next stop my friend!!

  11. Cindy
    Thanks Cindy..glad you liked the shadowy goodbyes..So far the birding is good here in Patagonia

    Thanks Sandy..You know i saw the scene and wanted to capture a photo..and I couldnt get the shadows out of the photo to get the scene..but i realized it was a good time to use the shadows and say goodbye..

    Ms. Fiddlesticks
    Thanks so much!

    Thanks Bobbie, Ms Shadow shot herself..I always like seeing your shadowshots.

    Thanks..So glad you enjoyed..the lighting was very special that day.

    Debbie Miller @HooootOwl

    Thanks Ruthie..always happy to share.

    howdee.Thanks for you nice comment.Happy beginning of spring..

    Glad you enjoyed the shadows..We are actually in a desert storm right now..winds a blowin and rains coming down strong..
    I have my boat and life jacket ready.:)

    Thanks for your very nice comment Kerri.
    You know..i wanted to take the photos and the shadows wouldnt go i used them!


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