Friday, June 26, 2009

Crater Lake, SWF

Howdee all,
Thought some of you might need to cool off from the heat wave in parts of the USA.
My sister in NC has had some very hot weather…This ones for you Sicksta! I know you don't like the cold…but here is an ice cube for your hot! Crater Lake 1.5
October 2, 2002Crater Lake 1.6
October 3 2002Crater Lake 2.61
Crater Lake, OregonCrater Lake 3.8
I Hope this coolness soothed your soul ...
Goodbye Micheal and Farrah…Rest in Peace
For more Skies around the world
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  1. Thank you for sharing this BEAUTIFUL winter series. :)
    It is warm in Norway also, these days.
    Have a happy summer weekend! :)

  2. Thanks for cooling us down Down South! Lovely photos and a neat blog.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I saw Crater Lake in person years ago. The water was soooo blue. Who took those?

  4. I guess you took those pictures. I saw your name on the lower right of your pictures.. LOL I forgot you went there..

  5. Awesome series of shots. I like the third one best, just beautiful!

  6. Spectacular views!!
    Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Oh wow, it's sultry and overcast here in London, so these pics are truly refreshing - thank you Dawn!

  8. Beautiful photographs. Thanks for the breath of fresh air in the midst of our hot and humid days.

  9. Brr, I haven't had enough summer to enjoy looking at winter pix yet. *shiver

    Beautiful pix though (I'll look at them again in December ;-) )

  10. ...mmmm...refreshing....that snow looks good!! Love the deep, deep blue as well. Gorgeous photos!! (Looking at them really did cool me down...and it's very, very hot and humid here!)

  11. Those are some fantastic frosty photos!

  12. I can attest that your sisters weren't exaggerating about the hot weather here.
    BEAUTIFUL pictures! Funny--I'd been looking at some snow pictures, too. A goose poop-pocked snowman not even in the same league as this lovely spot.
    THANKS for the bird feeder link. Grape jelly is a new one for me, but it looks like it works! Don't suppose the birds worry about cavities....

    Hello to the folks from your blogging friends!

  13. I'm watching a NBC tribute to MJ now. You can only be so very sad for that poor boy that gave us so much. I can't name a song. I think I loved them all. Thanks for the cool. Boo Hoo

  14. Beautiful, regardless of the present weather.

  15. Those images of the crater lake are awesome, especially the blue lake is perfectly saturated color tones. WOW.

    Pl. take a moment to vote for us at "The Great Driving Challenge". Appreciate your support...Thomas

  16. How COOOOOL - lol... Beautiful pictures. oh gosh... just looking at it.... I love that white, all that snow, ice, I love snow, snow caps, I love sleet, freezing rain... teehee, heck, right now I think I'd even love busted pipes. You know why? Because I live in the hot hot sticks in eastern NC! LOL, where the heat and the muggly has been awful this week (and ... summer just started?) Beautiful "cool-me-down" pictures!

  17. Thanks everyone for your nice comments!
    Glad I could cool some of you down..It is a scorcher her today in Ct...but not nearly as hot as you all in the south.
    May you have a wonderful summer! Stay cool!