Sunday, August 08, 2010

Bluff Point sunset

Howdee all,

Jeff and I like taking walks at a nearby park on the ocean.

This day we went with my Sicksta and her husband.

bluff point_003 We take a four mile loop around the park bluff point_005This particular evening we caught a nice sunset. bluff point_006  sunset on still watersbluff point_008 We are still in Connecticut.bluff point_009  We were supposed to leave on Friday, plans changed and we leave Mondaybluff point_011 To MA for two weeks or so then back here…
for a few more evening walks..bluff point_012  Enjoy what's left of your summer.


Attention BwBTC event goers

Might be changes being made to the event on August 28th..

Jeff and I visited the area yesterday…blog post to come

Dan @Docforestal of Natures Observances by Forestal was also in the the area a few days ago and checked it out…sadly his iphone drowned in the water crossing to the flats.

We need to know who is interested in crossing the water…best done early am..but the particular day the tide might be a bit higher and could be over our waist.

If this is out of the question for some..lets brainstorm and come up with another area that will make everyone happy….and/or another date to catch low tide.

Open to any and all suggestions..

….still great places in the area to see birds..Jeff and I have not made the crossing so we don't know what it is like..…Birding groups do it all the time..


  1. you captured some great colors there dawn. lovely

  2. Magnificent pastel sunset and reflection. Nice place for a walk.

  3. Beautiful evening ambiance photos Dawn!

    Just when I was going to say that Sharon and I will be joining the BwBTC outing, now I'm not sure about the over-the-waist deep water. That's deep enough to ruin some very expensive equipment if someone should slip. I feel bad about Docforestal iphone!

    But there are plenty of places to bird in the area according to the maps. There are areas from Naraganset Bay all the way over to Mystic that look to be good for shorebirds.

    I will stay tuned to see if there are any changes.


  4. Beautiful sunset photos! The colors and reflections are awesome, Dawn. Looks like a wonderful place for evening walks and catching the sunset.

  5. You captured it's loveliness so well. It was fun - the mosquitoes..

  6. Beautiful colors in the sky, Dawn.

  7. Ooh-that sky is so nice! it was great weather this weekend too. I wonder about Barn Island in Stonington. I've only been thee once but some say it's pretty good.

  8. Lovely sunset photos. Soft, subtle colors. Very peaceful ...

  9. Wow ! what beautiful pictures!

  10. Dawn, as usual gorgeous photos here. Just waving hi. It's been awhile since I've stopped by.

  11. Beautiful sunset on very calm water. Simplt gorgeous

  12. Superb scenes Dawn.

  13. Howdee Visitors and friends..
    Nice to see you here..
    I am finally getting around to thanking you all for commenting.
    Its been a busy summer for me,and not allot of time to comment on blogs or keep up with the comments.

    Today is a rainy day so I am playing catch up.

    Hope you all have a wonderful summer..whats left of it.

    thanks again for visiting!


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