Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Bend NP, Cattail Falls hike, day3 prt 2

Howdee all,

While hiking Lost Mine trail..we met a couple who suggested we hike to Cattail Falls.

Round trip-3 miles


Cat tail Falls_122

“This is a gem of a trail that's not listed in any National Park literature. That's because it's perhaps the loveliest short hike in the park, and it goes to a delicate area so sensitive that it would be destroyed with overuse. I feel justified in describing it here, as 99.999% of you will never visit the park, and those that make the effort to will respect this beauty spot.”Cat tail Falls_003

    We started this trail around 4pmCat tail Falls_010

   There used to be a Ranch here..this large tree is growing near a spring.Cat tail Falls_012

   Underneath the canopy..Cat tail Falls_013Cat tail Falls_109

   Our hike starts out fairly easily…views of grass and scrub Cat tail Falls_014

The trail meanders past an old Ranch, we saw an old water tank, and pipes on the trail, which I suspect they used to pipe water from the falls.Cat tail Falls_015

I really like the dried seed stalksCat tail Falls_019

   We descend into a lush Oasis..    Cat tail Falls_024

Flowers..oh darn, sicksta Adele told me what this was last night..I didn't write it down..Cat tail Falls_020

The falls were just a trickle of water now..Cat tail Falls_029A nice pool of water at the bottom.  Cat tail Falls_033Some type of flowering shrub… Cat tail Falls_036Very lush, maiden hair fern was growing here..   Cat tail Falls_048    and lots of small pools of water…

We heard Canyon wren and saw Hermit thrush..Cat tail Falls_050We had just an hour of light left before we left the Oasis..

Cat tail Falls_054  another type of seed head..

Cat tail Falls_057 Evening sun starting to light things up..Cat tail Falls_056

  A small cactus starting to bloom

Cat tail Falls_059

Cat tail Falls_061 Torrey Yucca

Cat tail Falls_082 Cat tail Falls_069

I love hiking this time of day..

Cat tail Falls_086

We saw a flock of Lesser goldfinch, the dark Texas type

Cat tail Falls_089

more golden the sun starts to go lower in the skyCat tail Falls_093 ohhh..I love this pink..

Cat tail Falls_095   And this orange Cat tail Falls_103

And the golds…Cat tail Falls_098And our very very long shadows………..

Cat tail Falls_116

goodnight for now…I am tired from hiking..Cat tail Falls_120

Birds of the day..

Rock and Canyon Wrens..think we also saw Winter wren...looked like it to us..A nice flock of Lesser Goldfinch, Texas variety...Canyon and spotted towhees, Solitaire, Mockingbirds, Acorn woodpeckers, Black tailed Gnat catchers,Black crested titmouse, Ladder-back woodpecker, Black eyed sided and Oregon, Mexican Jays,Vesper Sparrow, Says Phoebe, White wing doves, Hermit Thrush.Turkey Vultures, Red tail hawk


  1. ...pretty, pretty! I love that long-shadow shot. It's fun.

  2. Wow Dawn what beautiful pictures!!! Loved them and so glad you saw lots of birds... Have fun & travel safe.

  3. Hi Dawn,

    I admit to hiking envy. These photos are show a gorgeous array of nature. You caught lovely shots! The vistas- the water- birds, sunset- oh and that amazing old tree. So happy you all have been able to do this in your life. BTW, the "Birds of the Day" feature is very interesting to me.
    Keep on trekking!

  4. Great trip from my chair! :) Love the Torrey Yucca. Gorgeous!

  5. Looks like a great hike. I don't remember such beautiful areas when we went to Big Bend--will have to go back sometime.

    Have you been to the hot springs along the Rio Grande river? We went probably 20 years but maybe it's dangerous because it's right on the Mexican border.

    Thanks for visiting my blog--our trip was inspired by yours in December!

  6. With pictures like that I'm not sure that a few more of your readers wont be making the trip. At least it is fun to think about the possibility.

  7. Hi Dawn!

    Your pictures confirm what I already know, that I want to get down to Big Bend NP and hike my heart out!

    We were slated to have gone this Spring (who knows, maybe we would've met!) until we realized that this year is Glacier NP's Centennial. Dave and I are trying to hit the Centennial's whenver it's possible and Glacier is my favorite Park. Big Bend will have to wait until another time.

    We do however support Big Bend with our specialty license plates on both of our vehicles. A portion of the fee helps to fund the Park.

    I can't wait to hear more and see more from your time spent here!

  8. Loved reading he details..
    and yes really liked the last shot the sunset especially

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind comments..I really do appreciate them and read them..When I am somewhere with good internet it is easier for me to keep up.
    Actually lately with all the hiking I can barely keep my eyes open in the evening..
    Its all I can do to get my blog posts up so I dont fall far behind.

    I will try to continue the birds of the day..thanks

    Constance, thanks for the link of the Big Bend plates..I am trying to work on my husband for these..would love to have them!!

  10. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  11. Enjoyed finding this referenced in Escapees. Have always enjoyed birding in Big Bend.
    Reed and Elaine


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