Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Windows, Big Bend NP, Day 7 part 2

Howdee all,

March 25

After hiking Grapevine Hills to Balanced rock, Jeff and I decided to catch some evening light at

The Windows trail.

4 miles round trip

Difficulty – Easy

Window hike_001  The trail descends 800 feet from the trail head Window hike_010 It is a very gradual decent..easy both waysWindow hike_011The first mile is thru scrub vegetation   Window hike_012Window hike_013There were nice views of the Chisos Peaks   Window hike_015

 Window hike_016Orange colors on the Chisos rocks..

The last mile enters a cool shady canyon with oaks, wildflowers, the birds seem to like this area.Window hike_020A Black-crested titmouse..Window hike_018 The path is gravel and easy to follow..

 Window hike_027Window hike_028    Flowering shrubs.Window hike_033 Window hike_031Toward the end the trail follows a rock wash..

Small tanks of water…

Window hike_035 Stair steps made thru the wash  Window hike_037Pockets of water ..attracting birds…

Hermit thrush and Canyon wren were taking drinks..Window hike_038 Finally ..the Window..Window hike_041  Window hike_043Overlooking the Valley and distant mountains  Window hike_047 Stairway to heaven..Window hike_056Bird baths..  Window hike_064

Hermit thrush hangout..

Window hike_065On the trail back great views of Casa GrandeWindow hike_069another Rock face profile

Do you see it? Window hike_068

      I really love this landscape..Just enough green Window hike_081 Window hike_083 Yeah..these photos all look similar…I am not a good editor

I want to include all the photos I like..

Window hike_084  On the drive back I took a photo of this pyramid rock that we pass when we are in the parkWindow hike_089  Egypt in Big Bend…Window hike_091

Birds of the Day

Cactus wren,Black-throated sparrow,Says Phoebe,Purple finch,Turkey vulture
Loggerhead shrike.Black tailed gnatcatcher,Canyon wren,Canyon Towhee
Rock wren,Cedar waxwing,Hermit thrush,Pyrylloxia,Blue gray gnatcathcer
White wing dove,Black crested titmouse,Mexican jay,Ruby crowned kinglet
Spotted towhee,Mockingbird,Red shafted flicker,Hermit thrush,Coopers Hawk


  1. Wow! great color even in the scrub areas! I really like the Hermit Thrush photo!

  2. WOW, landscapes to die for and a bird list that makes me drool!

    I love the colors you captured in the landscapes and they are very well composed.

  3. really awesome
    missied few previous post was away..
    but now i m back again

  4. Did you miss the face in the big orange rock?

  5. Another great set! I see a rock person leaning back against the top of the pyramid in the last photo - with head leaning forward and down.

  6. YsMum
    Thanks dear Twitter friend!

    Thanks..and thanks for coming to visit and comment..really appreciate it

    Thanks John..I am always trying to get better at photography..i appreciate your kind comment.

    Travelling Rants
    Thanks for catching up..i know i get behind in my blog reading all the time! I use google reader now..and still behind.

    diane-j-m u mean the eight picture that u mention it..i do see a are getting real good at this ...thanks..thats a great one!!

    I love it that you saw something in the rock..and i went back and now i see what you are talking about..Very cool!


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