Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Homey torn apart for fixin…I’m Outta here.


Howdee all,

Yes that's our Homey, Notice the slide room is not attached. They had to take it off to replace the seals..

So its pretty messy inside..my living room/dining room/kitchen so me and my fur boy are in the bedroom. Jeff is out watching the whole thing happen.

I am getting a bit stir crazy.

So I am going out to find some birdies or maybe some



or maybe some mushrooms


Have a Wonderful Day!

PS.Looks like Homey stays apart until Insurance adjuster comes..

Oh also, I am posting this using Windows Live Writer for the first time.

I think i am going to like it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homeys getting a new TV, Spring in the Woods of GA

Howdee all,

We are still here in Service waiting for Monday for the Homey to be fixed. We arrived last Sunday....Homey was looked at on Monday to determine the parts that were needed to order.
Parts ordered...took until Thursday to get the parts.
Ugh...I really don't like waiting...
but we did find some nice walks to do here...

In the meantime a few other issues were worked on.
We decided to have our bedroom TV upgraded here. We upgraded the front TV over a year ago from a 19 inch box to a 32 inch flat screen.
What size TV do you have at home? Or do you not watch TV?
We personally like to watch TV...most days we are out all day...hiking, birding, sightseeing.
So its nice to come home and relax with a movie or show.

I like American Idol, Desperate Housewives and Hero's. I used to watch a few more faithfully..but it got to be a bit much...Have been watching more movies instead.
I do get my All My Children and Ellen Fix several times a week.
And always love to watch CBS Sunday Morning.
HGTV is my favorite channel if I had to choose one that I couldn't live without.
I do also read and you all know I spend time on this computer.
What shows do you like to watch on TV? or if you love books send a few of your favorite titles my way.

So anyways.....Our bedroom TV is a 13 inch box..and with all the digital changes we decided now would be a good time to upgrade. Now when I or Jeff wanted to watch something different. ..he can watch satelliteI can watch antenna TV.
We decided on a 19 inch flat screen.

To put in our TV..its not a matter of just buying it and putting it on a table...We have to have it mounted with a stable frame around it. We don't want that TV falling as we travel down the road

We hope all the work will be done by Tuesday and we will drive to my sisters home in North Carolina, where we will stay for a month, doing some gardening and other fun stuff.
But in the meantime..

Spring is here in the Georgia woods.

the mosses and lichens are always here.

I googled to try to ID these...but didn't find them.
Any Ideas?

Devils Claw mushrooms signal springtime in the fungi world.
I take this info from a wonderful nature website.
Nature at close range.
quote from the book Petersen's: A Field Guide to Mushrooms: "The black cups emerging through the fallen leaves from March to May are true harbingers of spring." Ah, nothing says spring like "black cups emerging from the ground."

Today is Sunday
CBS Sunday morning
and then we go for a trip into Augusta...to a few places I found on the Wings over Georgia birding site.
Gonna see us some birdies.
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Skywatch at the FMCA rally

Howdee all,
This weeks skywatch post comes from the Family Motor coach Rally we went to in Perry, Ga.
I was out and about around 8am ..I walked the fairgrounds with my head in the clouds.

Beautiful puff balls.

I wondered if anyone else noticed.

Thanks for visiting!
Come back again.

If you want to see more skys from all over the world...
Just click on the picture below...

Monday, March 23, 2009

FMCA Rally, Perry, GA.

Howdee all,
As most of you know we spent the last week at the big Family Motor home Rally...
Around 3,500 motor homes and their owners attended the event...small gathering this year..probably due to our troubled economy. A few years back they had more than double the amount of attendees.

This is a photo Jeff took from the top of our Homey.

Everything related to living full or part time in a Motor home was there..
...from classes to gadgets.. to...
Big Honking Motor homes..
Check out this Lovely Home...At about 1.5million and over you can have one of these yourself.

Do you like this glitzy style?

or is it Earthy tones what you are looking for?

They had motor homes of all sizes...from your converted camper vans to the above..Prevost Bus conversions.

Jeff and I decided we are quite happy with our Homey and didn't purchase either of the Million dollar buses...tee hee..

It was a fun time.

Now we are in Waynesville, Ga. a half hour south of Augusta.
At Reeves Custom Coaches for replacement of our livingroom slide-room seal.

You can click and scroll around the map to check out the area.

So here we sit in a park like setting.

This is a family compound of sorts, Lots of land, some family homes.... used to be a YMCA camp. There is a violet blue pond we can see from the Homey, cabins, a large meeting room, tennis and volleyball courts, hiking trails, and swamp areas that might be good for birding.
Met the owner Fred Reeves, his wife and three young boys...they are a very lovely family.
Cutest little boys.

Looks like a bit over a week before the work is done...ordering parts etc.
We may also decide to have our bedroom TV updated from a 13 inch to possibly a 22.

So.......... we will settle in a bit.
Take Day trips...walk the grounds ..do a little birding and hope it doesn't take much longer than a week. I never do like having my home disrupted, torn apart..but, it is just a small inconvenience in the greater scheme of things

I leave you with this sunset photo taken at the rally.

Jeff's head is aglow!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St George Island, Florida.. Skywatch Friday

Howdee all,

This skywatch post features a series of photos from a morning on St. George Island in the panhandle of Florida.
This was just a few weeks ago...the temps had been cold every morning the week we stayed there. This was our last day so we set out early to go bird watching. The air was still. As we walked we realized how warm it was and started peeling off our layers.
It was a gorgeous. As you can see the clouds were amazing.

I had a hard time eliminating photos from this series...Sorry...so I subject you to some that are similar...but I love them.
We started our walk on the Gulf side of the Island.
Then walked to the bay side.
It was low tide and we were looking for shorebirds. The water was like glass.
This below is a view looking north and east.

if you look closely you can see some shorebirds.
This view below is looking west and a bit north.

I now look south and the sun peeks through

Looking west again ..The clouds were moving quickly and the ones that were to the north were now over the island.
strange formations over the island
a closer look at the formationsThe clouds were changing rapidly...I turn back to the East and take this shot.

the wind starts to pick up...you can see the rippling in the water.

The clouds come over us from the north west...if you look closely the wind is starting to blow the water over the mud flats. It was getting cold and very windy...
The mud flats were getting covered with water...
It was time to go...We were leaving the island for our next adventure.

Goodbye St. George Island...You gave us a nice parting gift!

click on the link below
To see other skywatch posts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog working again... Motorhome rally and dewy Spider webs

Howdee all,

Jeff and I are now in Perry, Georgia at a an FMCA rally...that stands for Family Motor coach rally.
I don't know how many motor homes are here at this rally....but the last one we attended there were over 5,000. All different shapes and sizes.
Motor home City.
We've come here to attend workshops and classes related to motor homey things...Jeff is taking classes on the electrical system, battery's and one about the engine. We will also go to seminars on traveling to Alaska, and the Canada maritimes. I found a few interesting computer classes and also one on taking better photos. There will be entertainment and dancing. Commercial vendors selling things related to RV and RV travel.
This is a place to meet old friends and to make new friends. Today we met new friends. They are from England and came to the US a year ago to pick up their new motor home....it is near the end of their journey here and they will ship the new motor home back to England where they will use it for Vacations.
check out their adventures.

So here we are for a week.
Doing motor homey things.

We did find a few birdies around. Saw a flock of cedar waxwings here at the fairgrounds two days in a row on the same tree. Today, on a small pond in the fairgrounds we saw one coot, two Blue winged teal, two bufflehead, two Redhead ducks and two Canada geese.
Did a trip to a Sod farm nearby looking for migrating shorebirds...didn't see any, but did see a small flock of purple martins, American Pipits, Horned larks, Meadow larks and a few others...So it was still a decent birdie day without the shorebirds.
I want to thank Lydia of Coastal Georgia Birding blog for posting this great link to Wings over Georgia... great places to bird in Georgia
on her blog for me..
Check out her blog!

I leave you with these beautiful spiderwebs.
We found these one morning on a walk in the St. Marks Wildlife Refugee.
It was a damp night and in the morning the webs were full of dew. It was amazing to see all the spiderwebs...ones that you ordinarily wouldn't see..the dew made them all visible....ones that I probably have walked on without knowing....
Sorry spiders. I will try and be more careful next time.

look at all those webs...

This was a very interesting web. Built on the ground in the grass. See the hole?

these were on the ground also..but were like puffs ..roundish..no hole that I could see.

they were all very interesting webs

and this one, below, if you look closely is using a piece of arched grass....

another photo of the same web..ok not the best clarity..but...I like the way it glows.

Well thats all for now...signing off...from the fairgrounds in Perry, Ga.

Come on Down

Howdee all,
Blog is working again!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Ochclockonee Bay Birding, Florida

Howdee all,
After walking around Ochlochonee River State Park and sweating from the heat.
We headed to the coast.
We went to a spot we had been to before, the end of the road on route 372.
It was much cooler and we hit it at the start of low tide. Lots of birdies heading to the sand spits.

Oh Just look at them all.

We started our ID.
Check out the size difference of these Herring gulls compared to Laughing Gull in the foreground, Little Forster's Terns and Bonaparte's Gulls ..the ones with the dark ear spots.
Oh looky who do we have with all these Willets..

A Marbled Godwit
This was birdie preening time...All the birdies were splashing in the water and fluffy and picking at their feathers. Some were napping.

And who do we have here amongst these Forster Terns. A nice flock of Black Skimmers.

This one was sipping and fluffing.
a sip
a fluff
I am beautiful now!
We also saw Black-bellied Plover, Semi-palmated Plover, Least Sandpiper, Sanderlings,Dunlins,
Short-billed Dowitchers, Lesser Yellowlegs.

And now its time to rest.
Goodnight Laughing Gull..I love your white eye slashes.

Goodbye Panhandle of Florida..
Its been fun!