Sunday, August 29, 2010

BwBTC Charlestown, RI

Howdee all,

How many photos do you take before you get it right?

I have a two second timer on my Canon camera…I forgot to bring my wireless remote.

I knew I would never be able to make it back and pose for the photo in 2 seconds.

So my hubby Jeff volunteered.

The one below is one of about four that he didn't quite make it back in time.BwBTC Charlestown RI_051

    Finally a group photo.BwBTC Charlestown RI_052

From top left to right

Cindy from Living in Brooklyn and Longing for Maine

Cindy @gemswinc on twitter

Larry from the Brownstone Birding blog

Jane (waiting for her blog name)

John(Tucker)  from The Birdman of Bridgewater

Bottom left to right

Yours truly

Cathleen Ellis from Birdingirl blog

Dan @Docforestal on twitter/ Nature Observances by Forestal

Hubby Jeff


Missing from the photo were

Susan from The Nature of Framingham her husband Tom and her son Pete who met us later in the day.


I will do another blog post about our outing…until then

Read Dan’s account of the Day


  1. I had a great time!-thanks Dawn for putting this together and also to Jeff for helping us through the high water, id tips and other technical issues. It was great spending the day with everyone.

  2. Looks like a great group of birders, Dawn! I did read Dan's post. Sounds like you all had a great day.

  3. Taking this photo was a hoot. Lols!
    Dawn, again thank you and Jeff for organizing and keeping us all up to date for this outing. It was great fun!! Can't wait to do it again some time in the future!

  4. You and Jeff are truly Birding Ambassadors.

  5. Thank you Dawn and everyone! We had a marvelous time, and can't wait for the next outing. I really appreciate the invite!

  6. Dawn you continue to bring birders and bloggers together truly the role of an Ambassador. Nice to see the group together.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments..gee seems like I am always apologizing lately for being so late in my response to your comments...So I wont make this any different..hee hee

    We had a wonderful group of birders/bloggers. I really enjoy these get togethers, I am glad you all had a great time too! I hope we can all get together again!

    Andrew...thanks so much! A Wonderful compliment!


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