Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grapevine Hills Trail, Big Bend NP Day 7 prt 1

Howdee all

March 25

Grapevine Hills trail to Balanced rock

2 mile round trip

Easy hike..a bit of a scramble to balanced rock

 Grapevine to Balanced rock_002The trail begins on the 8 mile Grapevine Hills dirt road.Grapevine to Balanced rock_003

Be prepared to be Stoned…:)

I took lots of photos of these rock formationsGrapevine to Balanced rock_010The trail follows a gravel creek bedGrapevine to Balanced rock_011  Passing thru some incredible rocks..

Indian legend says that when God finished making the word, he tossed all the leftovers in Big Bend.

Grapevine to Balanced rock_014

I can imagine that here

Grapevine to Balanced rock_016

Leftover rocks thrown about

Grapevine to Balanced rock_018 I noticed these quartz crystals all over the ground in this area..

No collecting allowed in National parks..

Grapevine to Balanced rock_025

I think this was one of the most interesting areas in Big BendGrapevine to Balanced rock_029As far as the formations.. Grapevine to Balanced rock_030

The park is many more areas to exploreGrapevine to Balanced rock_032   Probably more hidden beauties like this area…

Grapevine to Balanced rock_034

  Are you stoned enough yet?

Grapevine to Balanced rock_037 This large rock looks like a face side view, smiling face..Grapevine to Balanced rock_035

That's how I felt out here…

Grapevine to Balanced rock_042

all smilesGrapevine to Balanced rock_043What amazing rocks.. Grapevine to Balanced rock_063

And then… the scramble to Balanced rock

Grapevine to Balanced rock_048

I took a few photos here..Grapevine to Balanced rock_049 I climbed a few rocks to take photos from the east looking west

Grapevine to Balanced rock_050

  Have you been sufficiently stoned?Grapevine to Balanced rock_053   I know I was…it was incredible..Grapevine to Balanced rock_056   This place is awesome..  Grapevine to Balanced rock_058 We had lunch here..and then it was time to goGrapevine to Balanced rock_065

To our final hike of the day

Grapevine to Balanced rock_033

The Windows..


  1. The grooves and patterns on the rocks are really interesting. Great pictures and interesting info. Thanks Dawn.

  2. Hi Dawn!
    Those patterns and formations look awesome!
    That indian legend makes sense!
    Beautiful place :)

  3. LOve the smiling face in the rock and all the different rock formations. I was so stoned after reading your blog,I got the muchies :)

  4. Howdee all.
    glad you all enjoyed this Stoney hike..I loved it..

    hee hee Diane..Hope I didnt make you eat too much..


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