Thursday, March 04, 2010

Saguaro animals and people…

Howdee all,

That's what I think this cactus is saying…

Howdee! Desert museum_163

When out hiking around the area..we see many Saguaro cactus..50 year trail_040

Each one so very different..

(Humor me…some of these you will see and some you wont)

Gilbert ray camp_013 Some sport tails…

desert museum_027 Others give hugs…brown mt hike_008 Some profess their strength

Sonoran NP west_004This one lifts a small weight…brown mt hike_019    Some Dance..Ole Ole….Sonoran NP west_029Lobster Claws….Mt. Wassen hike_009  A pat on the back…Sonoran NP west_032 folded arms….Sonoran NP west_038Why do you think the one on the left is so surprised?…;0Sonoran NP west_039OH NO!    Sonoran NP west_034Giving praise….Sonoran NP west_085Sonoran NP west_083 Hi there Jeff!Sonoran NP west_042This ones being presented with bunny ears….Mt. Wassen hike_027Flowers for my love…Sonoran NP west_017  Saguaro age…they fall and decay like trees..Sonoran NP west_002Other times they die still standing.. Sonoran NP west_018Sonoran NP west_011 Some look like brooms…the ribs separate..Mt. Wassen hike_101I am not sure what type of cactus this was below..

Do  you see the sitting figure sculpted by the cactus?

Sonoran NP west_047

We leave Tucson in a few days..i will miss the forests of Saguaro..Desert museum_526Sonoran NP west_051Sonoran NP west_082 Goodbye for now Saguaros….see you next visit…rainbow desert_021


  1. We would humbly like to award this blog post with the "Cactus eye view award". You will be our first recipient. We thank you for presenting us in such a spectacularly unprickly light. You have captured what is in our hearts and we would hug you but that would hurt.

  2. oh del, you are so funny! Those were really neat and prickly photos nob.

  3. Very creative and enjoyable

  4. Great post, I needed a good laugh today! A+

  5. I like the way you see things & loved that last sunset shot!

  6. Dawn, that is so cute! You have such a creative eye. The last one looks like it's clapping at the beautiful sunset.

    I had no idea what the saguaro's looked like after they died, sticks standing straight up. I learned something!


  7. I LOVE cactus and these photos are great! Where ya headed to next?

  8. What a lot of fun! These huge cactus fill me with awe - there is nothing here in the UK that can compare to them. They are very person-like and I LOVE how your pictures bring that out.

  9. Adele
    Thanks Sicksta Adele! I humbly accept my award...and thank the cactus for their inspiration!

    Thanks Sicksta..she is silly isnt she.

    thanks Andy!

    Thanks Cindy..glad I could give you a laugh!

    Thanks Diane..glad you enjoyed the silly cactus post.

    A New England Life
    hi Sharon, glad you enjoyed the reason i love to read blogs..I learn from everyone.

    Thanks Sandy..we are now in Patagonia, AZ and going to TX next.

    Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the post and hope that you can see these cactus someday.

  10. Fun post, Dawn! We were there in April, but never thought of anything so clever.
    Happy Friday!


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