Tuesday, March 02, 2010

BwBTC Patagonia, Arizona

Howdee all,


Getting close to that time..

Another Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing

In one of my favorite birding areas..


check out the link here.



Addition! On Friday, March 12th

from 8-11

We have been invited by Sheri Williamson of SABO, as her guests  on the Bird walk below.

Whitewater wetlands walk

click on the above link to find out more.

If you are interested she would like you to register for the walk.

Email me or comment here.. and I will send you the code needed for registration.

Thanks Sheri for your generous invitation.

 Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood  Sheri’s Homepage which lists the books Sheri has authored and co-authored along with Tom and Sheri's blogs.

Also check out The Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) website..Awesome Resource and a must place to visit.

We have birded with Sheri and Tom before and their enthusiasm is contagious.


Saturday, March 13th.

Will all meet at the 

The Gathering grounds could arrive any time after seven ..Great coffee ..breakfasts and they can pack a lunch for you..otherwise bring a lunch.

Depart the coffee shop sometime between 8 and 9.

This should be a blast…wont be peak birding time here..but..there will be birds.and in the past a resident Elegant Trogan.

Read this link….Birding the area SABOs Guide

Start at

Patagonia State Park

Entrance to the park is 10 dollars per carload..unless you have your Arizona park pass. We will carpool.

We will stop at the  “rest area” probably to early for the Rose-throated Becard..but who knows..

Then to Patons if still open..I just sadly read that Marion passed away last year.

more birding?

Dinner at the Velvet Elvis for those who want…

Sunday we can continue on..discuss where we would like to bird…lots of great places nearby.


The Cast of Characters so far….


Donna Simonetti   her Facebook page check out her facebook bird photos

Cynthia White    Preskitgurl on twitter

Linda Rockwell and her significant other Earl Norris    LRockwellatty on twitter 

Jacqueline Burton Facebook Page

Ray Goodwin Twitter-sonoranconnect and his blog Sonoran Connection

Nan Goodwin Twitter-AuntNancySoap and her blog  Aunt Nancys handmade soap.

Bosque Bill Bosque_Bill on twitter and his photo blog Bosque Bill

Dawn and Jeff thats us! DawnFine on Twitter DawnSimmonsFine on facebook



If anyone would like to join us….give me a holler…will add you to our list. If Spouses or friends are joining..let me know so I can add them as well.


Here are some links…


Patagonia RV Park..Jeff and I are staying here..sorta in town location..

Patagonia State Park

Patagonia Casitas..looks lovely here

More info on Patagonia and lodging here

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