Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Homey sweet Homey

Howdy all,

I was just hanging around the other day and thought I would take a few updated indoor pictures of our Homey.
You can view the slide show below or click on the link here to see the full size pictures and album in webshots. As you can see I love anything pinks and sagey greens and blues....and roses roses roses...shabby chic..kinda... Luckily Jeff doesn't object to my style.

I left the sofa bed open in the living room...because it seems like whenever i want to sit in it I have one or two fluffy fur balls that want to sit with i need all the room i can get....

The views out the window are what we are seeing of Adele and Craig's yard.
Nice gardens and sculptures.

We love our Homey and it has given us 6 plus years so far of travel, We haven't yet found any need to get a new one..

So here's a big thanks to our Homey for running well and keeping us comfortable for so may hoping it has many more years left in it.

Homey Nov 2007
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  1. Homey looks lovely! I noticed those cute furball plates on your wall....haha
    The wedding gift we gave you would fit nicely in your homey.

  2. WOW dawn... things have changed ALOT since i was last in the homey.. looks fabulous though.. better then before even..and i loved it then... looks so comfy and cozy.. and i love that you have real plants all around, makes it THAT much better.. can't wait to check it out in person over xmas..


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