Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whitewater draw with Sheri Williamson and BwBTC

Howdee all,

Friday March 12, a few early arrivals for the Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp get together, were invited by Sheri Williamson to join her for a morning of birding at Whitewater draw.

If any of you have ever birded with Sheri, you know her knowledge of birds, and enthusiasm is outstanding. She is a wealth of information, a truly amazing person and birder.

She leads birding groups and walks via Sabo (Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory)

If you need a guide while in Arizona, we all highly recommend her!

Her husband Tom Woods is also excellent.

Thanks so much Sheri!

We all enjoyed birding with you!

whitewater draw_072

Below is Sheris entry to AZ/NM listserve

Date:         Fri, 12 Mar 2010 15:50:53 -0700
Reply-To:     Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory   Subject:SE AZ: Whitewater Wetlands Walk
Greetings, neighbors,

Seven birders, including five fellow members of the Facebook group Birders who
Blog, Tweet and Chirp, joined me at Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area this lovely
morning for SABO's regular Friday walk. Highlights included:

* a ROCK WREN in its usual spot around the old corral south of the barn
each - need a few more to make a summer, I think)
* a flyover by three male YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS
* the pair of GREAT HORNED OWLS in the barn, the female on her nest
* a cheeky pair of HOUSE FINCHES harassing the male Great Horned Owl
* an adult GOLDEN EAGLE soaring over the west side of the lake
* 15 species of waterfowl, including the drake GREATER SCAUP, flock of 180+ SNOW
and ROSS'S GEESE, and a pair of BLUE-WINGED TEAL
* AMERICAN AVOCETS in full breeding plumage
* close views of SORA and VIRGINIA RAIL
* several handsome but furtive WILSON'S SNIPE
* the continuing GREAT EGRET eating small (nonnative) catfish
* howling COYOTES
* close to a thousand SANDHILL CRANES.

Our final tally was 62 species. No sign of last week's adult Bald Eagle and not
quite as much rail activity as in recent weeks, but the weather was so perfect
and the company so enjoyable that we didn't want the morning to end. Thanks to
my companions for their enthusiasm, spotting skills, and teamwork.

Hope to see some of you at the Tucson Festival of Books this weekend.

Good birding,

Sheri Williamson
Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory
Bisbee, Arizona

We started off our morning looking for Thrashers….Jeff and I saw for the first time a BENDIRE'S thrasher!

Many of our New Mexican birders were racking up the Lifers.

whitewater draw_016  Then onto the waterwhitewater draw_010

whitewater draw_013 One of my favorites..this little cutie Pied billed grebewhitewater draw_018 Great Blue Heron, Northern pintailwhitewater draw_023 Lots of ducks, Great Egretwhitewater draw_029 Great Egret having breakfastwhitewater draw_037 Snow and Ross Geesewhitewater draw_041 whitewater draw_069 Coot and Greater Yellowlegswhitewater draw_059 Sandhill Cranes coming in

whitewater draw_064

check out the Sandhill Crane videos…and behind the scenes talking..


We had a fantastic morning, and almost forgot about eating lunch.

Luckily, there were picnic tables at Whitewater, and we had our lunch there, underneath the nesting Great horned owl.

I was whining about missing my morning coffee…so, everyone obliged and let me fuel up at the Starbucks outside of Bisbee.

We then headed to Mary Jo’s, Ash Canyon B&B

mary joes_002For some restful armchair birding mary joes_003 Mexican Jay and what bird is flying in the background?

whitewater draw_088 Yellow-rumped warbler..aka butterbutt, for the little tab of butter yellow in its behind.

whitewater draw_094 Rufous hummingbirdwhitewater draw_110 Annas hummingbirdwhitewater draw_113

This fella likes seed too..whitewater draw_122Mexican jaywhitewater draw_101One of Mary Jo’s Gray Parrots, who joined us for some birding.whitewater draw_097We had a great day of birding… 

That evening Linda had BBQ everything for us..and my all time favorite German Chocolate Cake! Thanks Linda!

A perfect way to end the day..

More posts about our weekend to come…


  1. hey Dawn... GTREAT photos of all your little birdies! I was in shock you saw a parrot until I read that it belonged to someone. Glad you had a wonderful day... We are so close but still to far! We are in Sedona...
    Have fun & Travel safe
    Good peeping

  2. Wow Dawn! Great pictures of great birds. Looks like you all had a perfect day.

  3. another great day of birding, some wonderful birds y'all seen. great pics

  4. Wow, all those birds AND german chocolate cake--sounds like a great day!

  5. Oh it sounds like such a WONDERFUL Day!!


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