Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sweetwater Wetlands, Tucson, AZ

Howdee all,

If the birds aren't around in other areas of Tucson…just go to

Sweetwater Wetlands, water treatment facility

Birding Hot Spot..

Where Cinnamon teal hang out with American Widgeons

Sweetwater wetlands_005

Turtles and ducks share spaces..Sweetwater wetlands_011Where small rock islands are favorite sleeping spots..Sweetwater wetlands_007A Serene setting ..  nice place to walk, sit,and just take it all in…Sweetwater wetlands_050

Yellow headed blackbirds..hide out in the reeds..and if you are lucky they will show themselves…Sweetwater wetlands_073

Green winged tealSweetwater wetlands_036

Plenty of Coot here…Sweetwater wetlands_047and  Ruddy ducksSweetwater wetlands_076One of my favorites…Pied billed Grebe Sweetwater wetlands_039Sweetwater wetlands_065

There are many more birds here…

Jeff and I enjoyed the few times we had at Sweetwater…always lots of birdie action.

So, If you are birding the Tucson area..

Make sure you check out this Bird hotspot.

Sweetwater wetlands_041


  1. Nice bird shots, Dawn. Looks a little more lush as opposed to some of the other spots you've been visiting.

    Must be so nice to be someplace warm!

  2. If there was ever a time I wanted to visit Tuscon, this is it!

  3. Nice pictures of some neat birds, I am starting to really like the water birds a lot, the grebe is a neat looking one


  4. Oh, I want to visit. Great shots....and looks like it was a great day for reflections too. LOVE them all!

  5. Thanks friends for you comments..
    Yes Sharon,very lush here compared to the desert area of Tucson.
    If you ever get to Tucson..
    please go to Sweetwater bring a picnic lunch and enjoy your day there.

  6. The right duck on the first photo is so unusual!!


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