Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can you walk like this? The crazy family can!

Howdee all,

Yeah that's us. The Crazy family..and we like it that way!



  1. Goof balls that I'm related too.. LOL I would have been right in on it as well If we hadn't of left. I stole the picture of Joey and I. It's my new Facebook picture for the moment.. ha ha ha

  2. Being pigeon-toed myself I thought I was the only one who attempted to walk this way! How funny! Looks like fun. At least your family joins in the fun!

  3. You all are having so much fun!
    I laughed too!

  4. Oh I miss my crazy family. Maybe that is why I laugh all the time, it feels like home.

  5. Looks like fun. I'd have mixed reactions with my family.

  6. hahaha! You guys are great...funny!

  7. Oh Dawn, I WISH my family had half that sense of humor! You brought a good smile to my face this morning. No wonder you are such a happy person, you come from a happy family : )


  8. They look like penguins there at the end. ;)

  9. Such goofs! I bet those guys had really sore legs the next day!

  10. Shellmo
    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Yes sicksta..we are a silly family!

    Kathiesbirds you can walk like us naturally..

    hee hee..glad we could make you laugh!

    yes sicksta..we are silly..and lots of laughs.

    oh..i am curious as to what the mixed reactions would be...

    thanks kelly..we think we are a hoot!

    A New England Life
    oh show your family the video..maybe they will decide to do the walk as well..LOL

    thanks andy glad u thought we were funny..cause we think we are...tee hee..

    yes..that was their penguin walk..

  11. I'll give you an example of how most of my family reacts to anything. When you go to an amusement park and while riding a roller coaster they take your picture. You can go look at the pictures after the ride. Most people would be smiling or afraid or showing some strong emotion. My sister showed absolutely nothing. It was as if she were staring at a wall. She was having a good time, but she just never shows it outwardly. I'm probably more like that than I like to be too. It's just an odd family trait. I do much better while I'm writing.

  12. Oh dear....yeah interesting for sure...
    Maybe she was terrified and didnt want to admit it.
    You certainly do well writing..I must meet you some day and see if u smile..tee hee.

  13. HAHAHAHA! That is so funny!! And the lady in the red pants with the pretty black sandals... now I'm telling ya what - that is a walk and a jump and a move I have NEVER seen -teehee! That was awesome! I stood up and tried to walk like all of you are walking... my legs and feet can get no where close. LOL! That's what I call some unique walking!

  14. jayedized
    yeah ..we are the unique walkers..and when u meet me..I shall be a walkin that way...LOL


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