Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ice Lake, Island Lake Hike

This was a beautiful hike, and challenging
We had a 2,000 foot elevation gain...PUFF PUFF
We got an early start to avoid the afternoon rain/thunderstorms that seem to happen here every afternoon.
It was cold..and I am ready to get back in some warmer weather for sure.

But, the snow on the mountain tops was a nice sight to see.

click this link to see the photos of the trip

Or check out the last video on this blog for a photo slideshow of the hike....If i have more than ten minutes of video...which i have been doing lately, I cant put xtra pictures at the end of my videos because of
upload limitations on u i made a separate video slideshow for the pictures....

Music in the last video from Steve Earles Train a Comin' cd.


  1. I liked the last lake the best too. It looked surreal. Who won the race to the island? Wow lots of pointing in this one. You should use you middle finger like you mudda. I could not get the last video to play fully, it kept starting and stopping. I will go back and try again because the pictures were really incredible and the music was very beautiful. I will try it again and let you know if it plays fully.

  2. Okay the second time it played through. Very nice, I like the accoustic guitar. Where did you get the music?

  3. the music is by Steve Earle..
    From his Train a Comin' cd...i used that song in the train video...

  4. Well I will tell you I was totally exhausted with all the huffing and puffing going up the mountain. I felt as though I was doing it myself. Such realism, you are ready for Hollywood!


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