Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rattlesnake Canyon Arches Hike

Today we hiked Rattlesnake Canyon Arches Trail.
We had intended to do this hike yesterday, but when we read that it was a 14 mile hike from where we had wanted to start we decided to take another route. It was suggested that the 14 mile hike is best done in two days. So we opted for the long 11 mile drive over bumpy dirt roads and a six mile hike instead.
It was a beautiful clear day in the mid seventies. The rock spires and arches were amazing to see.
We saw a golden eagle, and many bunny rabbits.

pictures here


  1. Well, I am positive I commented early this morning, but now I see my comment isn't here....hmmmm
    Anyway, looked like a nice hike, but jeffy should have brought his rock climbing gear..ha
    Info I read said the arches are "pothole" arches. Water percolated down through soft sandstone to form these arches.

  2. Well that was a scary climb Jeffy did. Good thing his mom does not have broad band to watch it. Another neat hike I did by computer, thanks to U Tube, and the fabulous photographer.

  3. Cool arches, but no big macs. I liked the singing was that you teehee.

  4. Cool arches and holey rocks.. Jeff sure is a daredevil isnt he? Good thing he had your direction getting himself out of another tricky situation.. Did you see any rattlesnakes?


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