Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fruita Fall Festival

Happy New Year to all our Jewish Friends and Family.

Today we didn't do to much, Jeff watched the Ryder cup in the am. Then we went to the Fruita Fall Festival for a few hours. Good Music, Some good crafts.
Went out for Pizza...Pablo's Pizza.
It was fantastic pizza..thin crispy crust. We had the Sophia, and
the Yogi Way Salad. Wow..both great.
Now we have to Hike big time.

We plan on doing a twelve mile one tomorrow into the monument area.

What Pizza and salad show we order next?


  1. I didn't notice any difference in the quality of the video. What the heck I was expecting some nice video of yummy pizza and salad whats the dealio.

  2. I thought the video looked a lot clearer.
    Looked at the Pablo menu and I can't even decide which pizza or salad to order next. they all sound very yummy!

  3. I did think your video looked clearer.. my videos are crystal clear till i compress them.. I do remember the funnel cakes and hopefully I will be having one at the big E next week if the weather is nice.. I love the big bike.. Jeff must have loved those free samples.. Tell him to be careful with those toothpick tricks.. I thought he was going to swallow it.. yikes!!!!


ok what do you really think?????