Monday, September 18, 2006

Now In Montrose, Colorado

We have moved to Montrose
a bit lower in it is a bit warmer. In the seventies today and tomorrow the same.
We are staying at Kings Riverbend Park. Nice RV park...with a river running by it. Free Wifi.
We plan on touring the Black Canyon while we are here and doing some more hiking.
Tomorrow we plan on taking a 2 hour drive and then hiking.

Jeff also would like to hike down into the canyon and fish. I am not sure about doing that hike. I hear it is very difficult. So we will see.


Anonymous said...

Well I will stay tuned for sure. You need to carry a big STOP sign with you just in case there are deer crossing and a vehicle coming. SAVE the deer!

beachgrl said...

I don't know about that hike either nob. I don't thin that I would do it. Anyway, glad you are in a warmer climate.

Adele said...

Well I am not sure if I would go down into the canyon either. Though I applaud Jeff for his foolhardiness...did I say that outloud, I meant courage. yeh thats what I meant. The deer were I know why the deer crossed the you could get to the other side...teehee

tink said...

Nob.. I dont think I could have hiked that either.. Jeff is quite the go getter on these hikes.. Way to go Jeffy!

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