Friday, September 01, 2006

Hike to Dollar Lake.... OH MY

This was a nice Hike...except..
These two videos explain it all...
well all except 3 hours....

This is the lake we thought might have been dollar....
but still no emerald lake
as we came to find out later
we missed them both.
boo hoo

Donna and Jack had a nice view.
Oh Well.

Click here to see photos of the hike

A map of where we are

Let me know how you like this new template..for my blog...
It seems to work in both Foxfire and Explorer.
I found out the other layout was causing the page to
look funny in explorer when i added video.


  1. I am being forced to posting a coment. So this is my coment. Tee hee!!!!!

  2. Well I guess I better make a real comment, the videos are really nice. I imagine the hike had its ups and downs, the rain especially. You did a great job of showing the scenery and everything was really smooth. I wish I could have been there, but I am there just watching the videos. Thank you for that.

  3. So exactly what is this GPS. A 'Good Person Saver' or what. I am glad you did not get lost and stuck up there forever, there aren't even any mushrooms to eat. You would have had to eat rocks and you would have broken all your teeth. I told you she was going to worry about you getting lost now.

  4. I saw the first video but i cant seem to see the second one.. it says i have to subsribe or something so until you the the glitch out i cant view it.. I am curious to find out about those three hours.. plus i just commented on some videos on your last site.. Im not sure if they transfer over here.. oh well!

  5. nob.. again this last video with jeffy on it is not working for me..

  6. dont know why u cant see the video tink...i just tried and saw it...try again later..i guess u will have to be in suspense ...ha

  7. The clouds in the top video look so fluffy and the blue sky is extremely blue making it look almost fake... it's unreal to see the beauty of nature.... These videos are gonna get me in trouble at work cause I keep watching... and watching... looks like so much fun! I'll be back for some more after I go grab my morning coffee! I like this site better then the other one because it's prettier and has a more organized feeling and the videos are quite clear!


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