Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hike into Monument Canyon

Today we Hiked Monument Canyon.
It was a 7 mile hike for us. Not much elevation change , 600 feet. So an easy hike for us today.
It was a pleasant day, in the high 60s. I looked for arrowheads. If I found one i wouldnt be able to keep it because this is a National Monument.
OH Well.
The red rock formations are amazing.

pictures here..

music again by Baka Beyond


Tink said...

Hey.. was that a bribe I saw on your video? lol anyway.. that looked like a cool hike.. I loved the kissing rocks. I also liked the planter rock as well.. It was nice to see soldier dude and miss finger make an appearance..

beachgrl said...

Very nice hike...looks like your hike days will be quite shortened from now on on Football days....hahahahahaha

beachgrl said...

Oh, still waiting to see the photos from the hike...did you not put them up yet or did you forget to link them?

Adele said...

Great hike. I really like the music and will have to check out the link when I get the chance. I have to go now cause I have to wash the dye out of my hair.

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