Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bridge of Heaven Hike

Well this was quite a hike. 3000 plus elevation gain, 8.4 miles. Wonderful mountain top scenery.
Crystals on the mountain top. It was sooo cold starting the hike and again when we got to the bridge of heaven.
my fingers got numb.

Link to pictures of the Hike

Crystals for my family.....Yipee


  1. Well that was neat! I loved every minute of the climb from my wonderful rocking chair. And I was so warm. Darn, I was getting used to the action figure pointer and you lost him. OH WELL!! Gorgeous view and the trees, loved the eyes on them.

  2. That was a wonderful hike. I had to go put on my coat and gloves cause I was getting cold. Can't wait to see pics of crystal rocks. Oh...and just remember that you said I was your favorite sister.
    (by the way, we went for a boat ride and were swimming in 80 degree water on sunday.)
    I hope you travel to warmer weather soon!

  3. beachgrl,
    i am so jealous of your warm weather...and how about more videos from you..would love to see that boatride...or your garden ...or silly julianna ...and of course there are crystals with my favorite sisters name on them...ha

    oh and anonymous chicky,
    i found my action i will use him again

  4. Great, great video. I think it just might be your best. You really capture the moment and for a cheap camera get fantastic shots. You betta not tell me you didnt take that big crystal rock...uhuh. Did you see the face of the old man in it? Incredible usual beautiful pics from Jeff. The music was good too. Craig thought it was Dolly Parton. ha. The soldier guy was okay. I prefer the middle finger pointer..he always makes me want to put my fingers over mouth and giggle. I want the crystals.

  5. I will havvvveee themmmmmmm... my preciousssessses

  6. I can't believe that Adele girl said you had a cheap camera! Shame on her.
    I will work on getting some more videos up. I have tons of them, but they are all large in size because of my great camera....hehehe
    i have to compress them and then they look awful on Youtube because youtube compresses them more to make a flash movie.


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