Monday, September 04, 2006

Vallecitto Hike

This was a nice hike on a beautiful day. Beautiful clear water.
Great Fishing stream.
It was about 11 miles round trip for us.

My toes want new shoes...these just arent working.

click here for pictures


Anonymous said...

This was the greatest video. I really enjoyed all the rushing water. You are doing a fantastic job in your voice description also. Poor little tootsies!

Adele said...

GET NEW SHOES for heavens sake. It pains me to see your foot that way. The video was lovely. Next time try to turn the volume down on the rushing water. I have the perfect place for that big water holding rock. Can't wait to get it.

tink said...

Great job on the videos... Loved the scenery and the water.. It looks like a great hike... buy some new shoes...

Missy said...

I can't get over the crystal clear water... looks so refreshing. You should have stopped and soaked your poor piggies.. The sky was beautiful there too... and the mountainside... all the water falls.. love it!

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