Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blue Lakes Hike

It was a nice warm day. Great huff puff hike. I was a bit tired to start but I hung in there and it was well worth it.

The first lake was sooooo Blue.
I think we had about 2000 foot or so elevation gain. My feet didn't mind going up...but they weren't so happy going down.

click here to see all the pictures

I wanted a John Denver song for this last video..but alas I didnt have one on my computer.
I guess I need to subscribe to some music download thingy...or buy an album..


  1. That was a wonderful hike I took with you today. Even better hiking from my computer....haha

  2. Enjoyed the videos. I noticed the way you just laydedahhed your way past that first waterfall like it was so much fodder. Like you see one every day. ha Oh that's right you do. teehee. The fingerlings are a nice addition to your videos. They add a cohesiveness. They seem to go from here to there very easily though. I hope you are only paying them scale cause I think they are making the tootsies do all the work.

  3. Oh and I like the Tom Rush song better. It fits your personalities more.


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