Friday, September 22, 2006

Colorado National Monument Drive

Well today was rainy all morning and afternoon, so I worked on my music library and Jeff watched golf....or excuse me...he watched the Ryder Cup.

Late afternoon when golf was over and the rain stopped we went for a drive into the
Colorado National Monument.

A very Cool place. The rock formations beautiful.
I look forward to the next week of hiking in this place. I just hope it gets warmer.

check out the pictures here


  1. Yes that was a cool place! Thank you for taking me everywhere with you and seeing what you see. I thoroughly enjoy it. A thought, how about gluing a nice long false finger nail on your pointer finger!

  2. Looks like some nice hiking there. Can't wait to see the trips.

  3. Goodness those sunset pictures were gorgeous. I can't wait for the hiking either. Enjoyed the music...never heard of Baka Beyond but I will have to google them.

  4. I love the red rocks and all the cool formations..


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