Saturday, September 02, 2006

Walking main street Durango

Went into Durango today, For a farmers market, missed it.
Had a nice walk around town instead. Bought my veggies at
the Co-op.

So this video is our walk around town and some eating...drinking
Enjoy should like this one
we aren't lost in the forest...or dead from eating mushrooms.


  1. Well that was an interesting town. Thought for sure at the beginning everyone was trying to save money on gas by all the motorcycles. Too bad the farmers market was closing by the time you got there. How many ounces did those beer glasses hold anyway? Jeff looked like he was walking pretty steadily. Enjoyed your little eating trip anyhow.

  2. how was that beer Jeffy? hiccup! I wish I liked beer but I dont.. Wine would be another story.. How was the pulled pork and the ice cream? did you notice i fixated myself on the food and drink? lol I loved the little town too. To bad you missed the market..

  3. Enjoyed the walking and eating tour. Nice little town that Durango. Was that a beer sampler that Jeff was drinking?

  4. Looking good in the hat cowboy jeff. The pulled pork and chips looked extra yummy.. and to top it off, the pumpkin ice cream... a little slice of heaven...


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