Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rabbit Ear and McDonald Creek Hikes

We did two hikes today, Rabbit Ear and McDonald Creek. It was cool the start of Rabbit ear hike...then slowly warmed up to hot.

Rabbit Ear featured views of the Colorado river and the LaSalle mountain range and the mesas.

It was very Hot when we hiked McDonald creek, ugh...the Indian rock art was nice to see.
other wise it was hot...I think the low 80s.

So it is time to move on anyway, cooler climates,
fall weather. We leave tomorrow to meet John and Barbara in Idaho.


  1. We could use some of that heat over here, so send it on over. The only thing I cold see in that rock outcropping was a large dog head.
    Oh and all the people back then were bow-legged.

  2. Your voice was low in this video for some reason. The carvings were nice, but the scenery was not as nice as all the others of Colorado. Lovers on the rock. Is that it, the answer to your question?

  3. The rock looked like a big shoe.. Nice rock art.. I couldnt hear ya to well this time..

  4. I know we were on a hike but it sure felt like we were in a lounge somewhere. I thought the rock looked like a dogs head, specifically kali's head cause she has a short nose. Have fun with John and Barb.


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