Monday, September 25, 2006

Devils Canyon Hike

Today we hiked Devils Canyon.
It was a beautiful day. Started out cool but then warmed up and was in the 70s.

I was able to hike in a tank top and Capri's.
That's what I'm takin about.
No clouds in the sky.
It was all about rocks today.....
saw a coyote too.

7 mile round trip hike...easy compared to what we had been doing.

Tomorrow we plan on doing a 12 mile hike to some arches. I am excited about that one....will look on the ground again for arrowheads.



  1. The music was cool on this hike too. I got dibs on the hideaway rock and the 6 foot formation one. I'm off to Baltimore now, hopefully there will be a blog in there somewhere.

  2. I agree with Adele the music was cool. I am glad you finally went on an easy hike. I like the six foot cluster formation. You can bring that home for my front yard.

  3. Thanks for the 6 ft rock cluster and also the tunnel rock (too late mama, I already got them in my patio...power of computers...hahaha)
    I'll go take a picture so you can see. It will be on my blog.

  4. Oh, too late Adele, I already have both of them in my patio. If you ever come up this way you can see them.

  5. hello loooosers....I had dibs on them so la de dah dah you are both tooo late foos

  6. Nice hiking pants nob..I like the cabin and that neat rock with the red in it.. Looks like you had so many quarts and so little back pack space..


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