Friday, September 29, 2006

Rough Canyon and Mica Mine Hike

Great Hike via a stream bed in Rough Canyon and to a Mica Mine in Bangs Canyon.

In Rough Canyon we did allot of bouldering. Good work out for the arms and legs. Found some rock art.

This picture is Jeff standing near some native American rock art.

The Mica Mine was allot of fun, big chunks of mica, and tailing's of white quartz.


music by Baka Beyond


  1. Sure hope you don't drive on any tilted narrow roads with all that mica. I guess you could put a bag full on one side of Homey and another bag on the other side to distribute the weight. Looks like a neat trail, the rocks were small underfoot. AND don't forget my piece, bigger does not mean better. LOL

  2. Cool mica, I need all new windows so it will come in handy. The ice cream looked yummy good thing you are doing lots of hiking.

  3. cool place. i am cleaning off a shelf for the new crystal rocks and mica ☺

  4. Nob.. I'm doing my weekend catching up on your videos.. My work days have been grueling since I have more hours.. Loved the rock climbing and the mica.. You must be losing tons of weight with that huffing and puffing.. Off to another video


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