Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bear Creek Hike, Grizzly and Yellow jacket mines

We had a Beautiful sunny day for this hike....thank goodness.
I couldnt imagine doing this hike in rain.
It didnt seem so scary to me on the way up to the mines, but the way back we were going down and It was scarey in areas.

We found some cool gold rocks...we are now real rich.

Link to Pictures from this hike

music on the last video by Diane Ziegler from her album These are the Roots


  1. Crikey! Yikes stripes! By the way...nice manicure.
    I enjoyed the hike with you and Jeff. Can't wait to see the planters and wheels you brought back...hehe

  2. Well the hike up was something else. Oh what treasures there were there. All those gorgeous wheels and beds. What a place to grow flowers in. You have outdone yourselves again!

  3. Well I must say I was expecting pointer handy (a little blabber mouth bird told me) but when you pulled out middle handy I must say I lost it and had to put video on hold till I could pull myself up from the floor. I loved the sound of the rocks also its right up there with walking on fall leaves. Looking at some of the road carved on that mountain really made me think about everyone before you walking up that trail and that it certainly would have to cave in at some point. I guess that was the part you would really have to get over to cross them. I would certainly love a couple of those wheels for my gardens and have always wanted a flower "bed". As always the stills were breathtaking.


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