Thursday, September 14, 2006

Box Canyon Falls and Rockhounding

The forecast for today wasn't so great...rain, so we decided to stay in town and do a few things.
We had breakfast, went to the Coffee shop that has great Organic coffee.

Then took our previous rock findings to the Rock shop and found out that we are Fools...ha we aren't rich...we have Pyrite...

But that's OK...we will find the mother load soon.

We then went to the falls...very nice. After that went out for lunch, did a little drive thru town and then to an old mine site and looked thru the rocks. Found some rocks with small crystals on them.
link to pictures of the day

WARNING you might want to turn the volume down on your speakers when I get close to the falls...
very Noisy


  1. I don't know what was more nerve wracking the falls making all that noise or you saying it is noisy. LOL!! I sure hope you are not going to carry all those stones in HOMEY they could go off to one side and when you are going up one of those narrow inclines, KABOOM! I am just being funny....

  2. That trip was kind of fun. I tried to grab some of those rocks but I was unsuccessful.

  3. Be still my heart...I was rubbing my hands in anticipation at every rock going into that backpack. Specially liked that oblong one. Loved the crack they made as they went into the sack. Cool song.


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