Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Durango & Silverton n gauge Railroad , Silverton and mines

Well this used to be big mining town back in early 1900s.
Mines all over the place here.
Ghost towns. The train now runs for tourists.

This Post is dedicated to my Father who has a passion for
n gauge trains.
Hope you enjoy this Dad.


  1. That was great Dawn, we both loved it very much. The fellow you were talking to was very informative, with a really nice deep voice. Jeffy's pictures at the end really finalized the whole video. Great!!!!

  2. Hey nob, I was waiting for the train to stop and you and Jeffy to board the train for a nice scenic ride.

  3. Cool video. I could really imagine seeing all those young men and dummies with high hopes and visions of grandeur riding that train, only to have their dreams of gold dashed and all that they end up with are those really really cool crystal rocks. The music at the end with Jeff's pics was a really nice touch.

  4. Hi you two,

    Well, Geno is cycling in Washington, so I'm lurking on your wonderful blog and enjoying your videos and photos. And missing you!

    This is your best video yet, Dawn! And Jeff's photos set to music are cool.

    We're off to Morro Bay when Geno gets home. We'll return there in January ... and see you!

    Happy travels,

  5. I really enjoyed that. Great job on the video and pictures. The music set to it really went well with your surroundings... Keep up the great work! So much fun to watch!

    Happy Train Tracks!


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