Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black Cap hike and Mt Cranmore

Howdee all,

Another nice hike in New Hampshire this one near North Conway..

Black Cap Trail to Cranmore Mt. Trail

Read the above link for more trail descriptions.

4.5 mile RT

827.0 ft Gain

Black Cap is located east of Cranmore Mountain


It was another moderate hike…which means allot of sweat for this ole gal.

New Hamp hiking camp_044

From the top there are wonderful views.

New Hamp hiking camp_045The young uns were already at the top waiting for us ole folks..

New Hamp hiking camp_074It was a lovely spot to have lunch…

New Hamp hiking camp_047And wander around on the granite cap…

New Hamp hiking camp_070Taking in the views..

New Hamp hiking camp_053I spotted some glistening pine cones..

New Hamp hiking camp_057And noticed the glisten was sap..

New Hamp hiking camp_058Very cool..

New Hamp hiking camp_061

A few more discoveries..

New Hamp hiking camp_064At the top.. Lichen

New Hamp hiking camp_065I stopped to pick a few berries..

New Hamp hiking camp_079

Just a few ripe ones..

New Hamp hiking camp_082While sitting taking in the view..this fella came to visit me..

New Hamp hiking camp_083It stayed on my arm for five minutes..

New Hamp hiking camp_086I suppose I tasted pretty salty..

New Hamp hiking camp_096After we all rested at the top…we continued the hike following the trail back down the mountain to the intersection of the trail that goes to Mt. Cranmore.

New Hamp hiking camp_098This wildflower was blooming in the field below Mt Cranmore Lodge and Tram.

New Hamp hiking camp_100New Hamp hiking camp_102We took a break at the lodge…taking in the views of North Conway..

before heading back down  the mountain.

New Hamp hiking camp_103

Another awesome Hike in New Hampshire…


Jeff and I are still in CT, we head for Cape Cod on Monday and will be there for two or three weeks.

I still haven't been able to blog out my Balliecat…but, I will when the time feels right.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer…its almost over..Go grab as much as you can before it slips away. Smile


  1. Stunning scenes me dear,

  2. What a gorgeous place, Dawn!! Thanks for giving me a view of New Hampshire!

  3. Hey Dawn, Loved the view of North Conway, especially since We just visited it. What kind are those berries you took a picture of? Are they eatable? They look like berries I saw out west in Glacier, but was afraid to eat them, because I didn't know for sure if they were eatable. Great picture of the bee/bug! great close up shot!

  4. Agree. That was indeed another awesome hike you shared. Loved the rock place where you lunched, the pine cones, as well as those close up shots of your winged visitor. Hmmm...come to think of it, don't get visits like that when am on a Sedona trail more like some critters. Lol.

  5. Still another series of wonderful photographs. What a lovely place for a picnic.

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  7. Thanks everyone for you kind comments.
    Glad you all enjoyed this hike..It was a beauty..and hard work too.

    Diane..those are blueberries :)

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