Monday, June 08, 2009

They grow and they go….

Howdee all,

Its all about Family now… for two more weeks we will be parked in Jeff's sister and brother in laws driveway. Low rent district…

Thanks Margie and Sandy the use of your drive and the beautiful setting.Dans grad_20090607_085

Ballie loves to be outside looking for critters..He is always leashed and so far no critters harmed.Dans grad_20090607_099 Two of the three boys remain at home….not for long…

Weren't they just youngsters,yesterday?

Daniel being Daniel…always a clown.


Senior Prom..Dans senior prom..jeffs_20090604_007Mom, Margie…helping when she canDans senior prom..jeffs_20090604_009 How is it that in 7 months Matty grew 5 inches? Shouldn't that hurt?

Dans grad_20090607_061He was once much smaller…….chathammatthewNow he towers over Mom….Dans grad_20090607_007 But look…doesn't he still look small when he sits next to me?

Hi auntie Gail!Dans grad_20090607_068 We can still act 10 years old!

and our feet start at the same height..Dans grad_20090607_008 Soon one more boy will leave home ….

Mom and Dad look for him in the crowd.Dans grad_20090607_032Daniel has graduated …a new horizon…a new adventure

Dans grad_20090607_035 Nana and DanielDans grad_20090607_040Good luck Dan! You too Sophie!


I know you will continue to crack me up…and be the silliest boy ever!

I say boy…because even as a man you will always be my sweet,comedian boy nephew!

Enjoy this next stage in life….as you leave your home and go off to college.Dans grad_20090607_031 The Smoot household will be much quieter without you.

Dans grad_20090607_001Congratulations Dan,


Connecticut College here he comes!


  1. Nice blog. Good to see things that I actually know the names of. Glad to see all the fun times with the Smoots. Oh and does hurt to grow that fast. I remember a very nice and patient mother rubbing my legs with rubbing alcohol late at night when I would wake up in pain.

  2. Hi Dawn! Gee do I remember those days, and you know it, they go by so fast! I always say I wish I could make my kids young again and bring them back!

    Congrats Dan!!

  3. Dawn,
    What a nice post to your nephew! Congrats to him and your family..another door opening as one closes is always exciting for everyone. It's great Dan has such a neat supporting family.
    Boy, how I wish I lived in Maine..your BwBTC get together sounds pretty neat! Can't wait to see all your great photos!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I haven't had time to play with feed burner yet but I intend to..THANKS for the tutorial and info. Hopefully I can get it to work!! ;-)

  4. What a beautiful family! Lovely dedication - brings back fond memories of my own sons when they graduated. Congratulations to your nephew!

  5. Dawn, I have a big, goofy grin on as I read this post because its so sweet. Such wonderful pictures. Congratulations to both your and Daniel.

  6. What A Wonderful Family !! Great Blog And Thanks For Introducing Us With Your Family..

  7. Such a milestone... he's hoping life presents him with much opportunity and joy. :c)

  8. Dawn, what a lovely post! Time flies and you captured that...

    Enjoy your family!

  9. Dawn, a nice fun post celebrating your family! Hurrah!

  10. Very nice tribute to the Grad!

    Great job Dawn and congrats to all of this years grads and good luck.


  11. Your tribute to your family is so fun! I love all the creative ways you told them you love them!

  12. What a neat post. And it rings so true. How do they grow up so fast?

  13. Adele
    Hee birdie names..Yeah ..I remember you had allot of leg aches as a kid...must have been all that fast growing!

    Aunt "B's" Backyard
    I know..where our magic wand when we need it? Time goes by sooo quickly..wheres the slow down button?

    Thanks Tina! I wish you lived near our get together as well...stay tuned because I intend to have more as we travel..Its so fun meeting everyone! I hope someday our paths will cross and we can bird together!

    Thanks April!

    Thanks Kim, glad I made you smile!

    Unseen Rajasthan
    Thank you...thanks for stopping by and commenting..from sooo far away!

    Thanks for your good wishes!

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    Thanks ...time sure does go by quickly...and I want a button to slow it down they make them?

    The Zen Birdfeeder
    Thank you ..I am happy you enjoyed it..

    Craig Glenn
    Thanks Craig..Thanks for stopping by and commenting..always appreciated.

    thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed the post..
    Now I am waiting for your hints On how to get great macro photos!

    NCmountainwoman do they grow so quickly?
    whats with that? I am still trying to find the slow down button or magic wand..

    anybody know where I can get one?

  14. Hey Dawn,

    Cute post. They do grow up very fast! I keep telling my little girl to slow down and stop growing up so fast!

  15. You have such a lovely family! Congratulations to your nephew! The photo of your feet was cute!

  16. You youngsters are forgetting that every year THEY get older, so (gulp!) do the rest of us. I say MAKE 'EM STOP!!!

    He's a good looking guy, Dawn. Looks like a joy to be around.
    Sweet post! I'll be he's mortified. :)

  17. What a beautiful family. Even Ballie looks happy.
    These photos will be treasured for years to come. With your camera you've stopped time. Powerful stuff!

  18. Alan
    I know..too fast..your little girl is adorable..tell her to slow down and wait to grow up..tee hee

    Thanks...did you know what feet were mine???

    hee hee...I know..older stop them..stop us...we must find a way..
    but no..i dont think he knows of the post yet...dont want to freak him out..

    thanks Karen..I wish I could put time on hold and savor it longer...but this will have to do..

  19. That was so nice. As I was reading it, I realized - at the moment I felt it - that I felt a "feeling" coming on, one I knew wasn't going to be as simple as the smile I had knowing how very special your nephew is to you and all his family... it was going to be something that made me smile, laugh, think about time, where it goes, why so fast, and then wondering if I might cry - lol... and then.... remembering 10 yrs old!! What a great post! Congrats to your nephew! I know his parents and everyone who loves him are so proud!

  20. What a nice tribute to your nephews and Dan's graduation. Time does go by fast but you are lucky to be able to have spent a lot of fun times with them and have awesome memories. Adele is right about growing hurting.. Patrick also suffered with those same growing pains she spoke of.. Ouch!

  21. I like the landscaping of your new low rent district parking spot. Congrats to Dan. I can see Jeff in Dan. How is Jeff doing. My siss got bite by a tick last summer and has been having problems ever since. She currently just git off another 8 weeks of antibiotics. Diane

  22. That's awesome! Congratulations Daniel!!

    What a great family. So full of life with a wonderful sense of humor. I can tell you're enjoying your time there too! Wish it were better weather though : /

  23. Jay
    Thank you ..for your very beautiful complement!

    thanks sicksta..I didnt realize patrick also had growing pains.

    Thanks Diane..I know you can appreciate low rent..via a RV
    I am sorry about your sister..lymes when undetected can be very disruptive..I hope this round of anitibiotics kicks those bad suckers out of her!

    A New England Life
    Thanks so much..Yes he is full of life and a young comedian.
    The weather this week had been cold and crappy like you must be getting the same..
    I think we should have decent weather on saturday for our outing..look forward to meeting you!


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