Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeding time

Howdee all,

We are here in Ct. parked in Mom and Dads driveway for a bit over a month.

My parents love to watch birds in their backyard, and have many feeders out.

I will take more photos later this week of Birdie activity.

This particular feeder is very active…Grape Jelly!

birds at feeder_20090623_002

birds at feeder_20090623_003 birds at feeder_20090623_004 birds at feeder_20090623_005 birds at feeder_20090623_006 birds at feeder_20090623_008birds at feeder_20090623_007

A few people were interested in the feeder...My mother sent the link

The feeder is on sale now! 20 dollars off.

See ya later..more backyard birdies to come..

in the meantime check other bird posts by clicking the picture below.

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  1. Awesome pictures sicksta. That camera is great for backyard birding. I wish I had that when my Orioles were nesting in the trees. Keep em coming!

  2. I love that feeder!!! Where did your parents get it? do you know?

    also since my feeder that held jelly broke I was trying to figure out a way to put out jelly. the cups gave me an idea! thanks


  3. Now there is a trick I haven't seen yet! I like it!

    Craig Glenn

  4. Wow, no kidding, grape jelly.

  5. great shots, i think i put out my jelly /fruit feeder too late in season to attract orioles, but next year i'll be ready

  6. So cute Dawn! The last photo is precious! Love how your parents recycled those Starbucks cups too!

  7. I love that series of photos - especially near the end where the birds seem to be discussing something! I had no idea that grape jelly was such a hit with the birds!

  8. Aren't they cute! Is it a daddy and baby? He isn't even mature yet!

    Awesome jelly feeder too! I had to take ours in because of all the rain. Just as soon as it stopped though I put it back out and the Orioles are eating it all the time! Wish I'd known about grape jelly in years past.

    Wonderful post Dawn!!!

  9. What a great set of pictures! I like the feeder too. I have put out jelly in the past but sadly, no orioles came.

  10. Great images! I surely didn't know they ate grape jelly.

  11. Nice feeder, never knew Goldfinch went for the grape jelly too. Beginning to wonder if there are any birds that DON'T go for the grape jelly.

  12. Nice - I haven't had much luck with jelly in the past, but I'd be willing to try again for a close look at some great birds like these.

    Of course, I saw the logo on the cups and thought you were feeding them espresso ...

  13. Cool pictures. I am sure I must have slurped up some jelly at some point in my life too. ha

  14. That jelly feeder is nice--the configuration of the perches pretty much guarantees that mostly just the orioles will get all the jelly. Fun pictures Dawn!

  15. Tink
    Thanks need that new camera..u will have a blast!

    PI Naturally
    I posted the link for the bird feeder..its now twenty dollars off..also the glass cups broke so they use starbucks sample cups.

    Craig Glenn
    They love Grape Jelly!

    I kidith u not!

    yeah..get it out earlier..they have tons of orioles..all love the jelly!

    Kallen305 noticed the cups..yeah..she broke the glass cups that came with the feeder..these sampler cups fit perfectly

    Thanks..Grape Jelly is a big hit here!

    A New England Life
    oh yes..the rain would make grape
    yeah the adult looks like it may be a first year...

    Oh..i am surprised you didnt get any birds with the jelly..oh well
    try again next year!

    Thanks...yep..they love it!

    oh..I havent seen any goldfinchs at the grape jelly..i did see catbirds and house sparrows eating it.

    Lol yes it is espresso of sorts!

    yes we both slurped up some jelly ..but most times with peanut butter..

    oh ruthie..tell me about the configuration..why does that make it best for just orioles??

    thanks everyone for your nice comments..very appreciated!

  16. Wow! What a treat to get to see Baltimore Orioles. Nice photos! They are winter birds for us. We do see Orchard Orioles but they don't come to jelly.

  17. Lydia
    Yeah there are so many..we are spoiled!

  18. OH YEAH! And look at those young orioles not quite showing their full colors yet! Just LOVE IT! When I was admiring the orioles in the other post where they're sucking up the jelly, I was wondering where your folks got that feeder. I thought to myself if I could not find one, I was just going to tack some cups to some trees or something ... lol - I cannot wait to try this when they get here!

  19. jayedized
    lol..u can tack those cups up..I bet it will work.

  20. Good idea-I think I'll put some grape jelly out this weekend.-I usually get RB Woodpeckers and catbirds more than orioles but that's okay with me. Maybe I'll eat some too.-Welcome to Connecticut-hope you have a nice stay.


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